Space planning

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Münster



The new address for spatial planning:
From now on, room enquiries will only be processed at the above central address. Urgent requests should definitely have an 'Urgent' in the subject. All other requests will be processed on Tuesday and Thursday.


  • Room request

    • Room Reservations in Faculty 10
    • If you need a room during the semester, please send an e-mail to: raumfb10[at] with subject: room* or for exams exam* or use one of the following links:
    • They should provide the following information: Desired dates (if possible with alternative dates), event (name of lecture, seminar), number of participants. You can get an overview of available rooms in HISLSF/QISPOS, but NOT ALL dates are entered there.
    • Wend Werner will continue to plan the lecture halls and lectures for the coming semester.
    • The planning of the first exams is now carried out centrally before the end of the previous semester. Wishes should therefore be made in good time, preferably during the planning of the lectures. The preliminary schedule will be published before the beginning of the semester, so that all dates are fixed at the beginning of the lecture.
    • The last week of the semester is the examination week, all bookings for lecture halls must be made through me.
    • If you need a room for a conference, please send an e-mail to: raumfb10[at] with subject: conference* or use the following link:
  • Dates

    • Plan (is coming soon) for the examination weeks: SoSe 2023: 08. - 22.07.2023
    • Plan for the second examinations:
    • 8 - 22 July 2023: all lecture halls are needed for the exams, all bookings of the seminar rooms remain

    Circulation for the WS 23/24: Delivery until:

    Winter term 2022/23

    Examination weeks: 28.01. - 11.02.2023

    Summer term 2022

    Examination weeks: 09. - 23. Juli 2022

    Winter term 2021/22

    Examination weeks: 29 Jan - 12 February  2022

    Sommerterm 2021

    Examination weeks: 14 July - 24 August 2021


    Winterterm 2020/2021

    Examination weeks: 06 February - 05 March 2021


    Sommersemester 2020

    Examination weeks:

    Holidays: 10.04./13.04./01.05./21.05./01.06.-05.06./11.06.

    Wintersemester 2019/2020

    Examination weeks: 25.01.2020 - 08.02.2020

    Holidays: 03.10./01.11./23.12.-06.01.

    Sommersemester 2019

    Examination weeks: 06.07.2019 - 20.07.2019

    Holidays: 19.04./22.04./01.05./30.05./10.06.-13.06./20.06.

    Wintersemester 2018/2019

    Examination weeks: 26.01.2019 - 09.02.2019


    Sommersemester 2018
    Examination weeks:
    Holidays: 02.04./01.05./10.05./21.05./31.05.

    Wintersemester 2017/2018
    Examination weeks: 27.01.2018 - 10.02.2018
    Holidays: 31.10./01.11./25.12.-05.01.

    Sommersemester 2017
    Examination weeks: 21.07. - 05.08.
    Holidays: 25.05./05.06./15.05.

  • Representation

    Representation (only during my holidays):
    Ina Reckermann, Zi 316 (Einsteinstr. 62), Tel. +49 251 83-33700
    Heike Harenbrock, Zi 316 (Einsteinstr. 62), Tel. +49 251 83-33655