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Hostile Terrain 94 @WWU Münster

Migrants around the world seek to cross national borders — and often this has fatal consequences for them. The important issue of border-crossing deaths is at the heart of the participative art project co-hosted by PTTS and Kulturbüro at WWU Münster next month: Hostile Terrain 94. We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to participate in realizing this project which aims at raising awareness of the consequences of the US border policy "Prevention through Deterrence". Due to this policy, thousands of undocumented migrants have been forced to attempt crossing the U.S.-Mexico border via the "hostile terrain" of the Sonoron Desert in Arizona since 1994. For many of them, the desert turned out to be a deadly terrain.

The centerpiece of this project is an installation composed of 3.200 toe-tags that are filled in by hand by volunteers and mounted on a wall map of the U.S.-Mexican border. Each toe-tag represents a migrant who died trying to cross the border. Pinned to the wall map, the geo-located tags show the geographic location where the human remains were found.

For this project, we are looking for volunteers who would like to join us in filling out the toe-tags and to commemorate the victims of a border policy that puts migrants at risk deliberately. We are offering weekly toe-tag sessions at the English Department where tags can be filled in right on the spot or where volunteers can pick up tags and fill them in at home. The tags can also be filled out privately with friends and family.

Toe-tag sessions:

Thursday, 08 OCT 20, 12-14 Uhr, room ES131
Thursday, 15 OCT 20, 12-14 Uhr, room ES131
Thursday, 22 OCT 20, 12-14 Uhr, room ES131
Thursday, 29 OCT 20, 12-14 Uhr, room ES131