Research project

Encyclopedia of Afro-European Studies

The Encyclopedia of Afro-European Studies is the new project of the international Afroeurope@ns research group and will be the first online multilingual information source covering a large range of issues and topics concerning the African presence in Europe, from the shores of the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains

Reflecting the research group’s interests and expertise, the Encyclopedia will include contributions in literature, history, or sociology, as well as music, visual arts, popular culture, sports, religion, film etc. Possible subject for entries: individuals (activists, theoreticians, writers, artists, performers, etc.) and their works; historical facts and concepts; institutions and social movements. We encourage entries to be accompanied by complementary materials which may be used for didactic purposes, such as images, music, documentaries, extracts from major texts, etc.

For further information on the topics and the submission procedure please read our current call for contributions and send your suggested topics and completed entries to or, taking note of our working schedule:

June, 30th 2012 – deadline for entry proposals

January 31st 2013 – deadline for complete entries

Please visit this page for updates and do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the publication.