RV Crossovers: Postcolonial studies and transcultural learning

Ringvorlesung | 1 SWS | Tue, 18-20 | ES131 | Prof. Dr. Ch. Lütge and Prof. Dr. M. Stein
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This series of lectures inaugurates our new crossover format for inter- and transdisciplinary research in and beyond the English Seminar at WWU Münster. This semester, the lecture series on topics relevant to Postcolonial Studies and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) brings together papers which explore, perform and theorize various kinds of crossovers:

  • disciplinary crossovers between Postcolonial Studies and TEFL with respect to various aspects of teaching in the broadest sense (both, at university or school level). Possible topics include the revised literary canons of our postcolonial and globalized world; the new diversity and emphatic pluralism in many English-speaking countries; and all aspects of “decolonizing the mind” in their impact on transcultural learning through cultural products
  • thematic crossovers referring to transcultural discourses, including fictions of migration, world literature(s), ecocriticism, ecodidactics, and other fields that invite students and learners of all ages to engage with and intervene in global, cultural, political, and social debates and contexts
  • intermedial crossovers across different media such as texts, films, photography or other media; or between scribal, visual and cultural literacy. These bring into play multi-faceted representations of cultural encounters in a variety of locations and contexts, especially in terms of imag(in)ing otherness and the dynamic re-negotiations of cultural meaning


17.4.2012: Prof. em. Dr. Dr. Peter Freese (Paderborn)
"What, then, is the American, this new man?" (Crèvecœur): National identity in a country of immigrants
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08.5.2012: Prof. Dr. Kylie Crane (Mainz)
Whales, waste and wilderness: Postcolonial environmentalism
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15.5.2012: Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann (Jena)
Reconsidering the issue of transcultural vs. ethnocentric uses of literature: The case of Arundhati Roy’s award-winning bestseller The God of Small Things
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22.5.2012: Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril (Oldenburg)
The making of (non-)migrants: Integration as dispositif
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Please note that Prof. Mecheril's lecture has been cancelled due to sickness!

05.6.2012: Prof. Dr. Frank Schulze-Engler (Frankfurt a.M.)
Transcultural encounters: Coming to terms with Aboriginal modernity in Australian literature and film
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26.6.2012: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hallet (Gießen)
Novelistic narration across modes and media: The multimodal novel
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03.7.2012: PD Dr. Susanne Reichl (Wien)
Learning how to look with postcolonial picturebooks
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