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"Religion and Politics" - Cluster of Excellence at the WWU Münster

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern and Modern Cultures” was founded in 2007 at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Some 200 academics from more than 20 disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences and from 14 countries do research on the relationship of religion and politics across epochs and cultures. It is nationally the largest research association of its kind and of the 43 clusters of excellence in Germany, it is the only one to deal with religions. full story



Bulwarks in a “Religious Triangle”

[2014-04-17] History of frontier regions presents clashes and overlaps of socio-cultural and religious formations. Often, it results in mutual influences, but sometimes it may also lead to harsh confrontations. more …


First “Debates about God and the World”

[2014-03-31] The University of Münster’s Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”, together with the Department of Protestant Theology, presents for the first time the public series “Debates about God and the World”. more …


Up to five PhD positions available in the Graduate School

[2014-01-29] An exciting opportunity exists for potential PhD students to fill up to five positions by October 1, 2014 in the Graduate School within the interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” at the University of Münster. more …


“Many have mystic experiences”

[2013-11-27] According to researchers, the centuries-old phenomenon of mysticism still today appears in the lives of many people. A conference at the Cluster of Excellence looks into the rediscovery of mysticism and its roots since Antiquity. more …

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