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  • Verbreitungsmodellierung Small[27.10.2014] Successful workshop: Last week, we modelled distributions of birds and mammals in Central Asia for conservation purposes together with colleagues from the RSPB and ACBK (BirdLife Kazakhstan). More
  • [October 2014] Funding for new three-year research project granted by the VolkswagenStiftung: Trade-offs between agriculture and biodiversity on the steppes of Kazakhstan. More

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current projects

  • SASCHA - Sustainable land management and adaptation strategies to climate change for the Western Siberian Grain Belt
  • BALTRAK - Balancing trade-offs between agriculture and biodiversity in the steppes of Kazakhstan

finished projects

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Curriculum Vitae

since 02/2012 Scientific Coordinator, BMBF research project ´SASCHA´, University of Münster, Institute of Landscape Ecology   SASCHA Homepage      SASCHA Blog
2012 PhD, Faculty of Geosciences, University of Münster and RSPB. Thesis: Post-Soviet land use change and conservation of avian biodiversity across the Eurasian steppe belt 
2008-2012 Senior Research Assistant, Centre for Conservation Science, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Great Britain

MSc in Landscape Ecology, University of Oldenburg, Germany

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research interests

Much of my research focuses on the impacts of changing land-use on biodiversity, especially the far-reaching changes in agriculture that affected large territories after the break-up of the Soviet Union. With increasing pressure on land and increasing land-use intensity, I try to contribute to ideas that promote more sustainable land management for the conservation of wild nature, currently mostly in projects in Siberia and Central Asia.

I am also interested in the conservation ecology of globally threatened and endemic bird species. On-going research includes projects on Sociable Lapwing, Yellow-breasted Bunting and Black Lark. I use a wide array of methods including distribution and population modelling and satellite tracking to inform conservation action for declining species.

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International publications (peer-reviewed)

in press

  • Sutcliffe L, Batáry P, Kormann U, Baldi A, Dicks LV, Herzon I, Kleijn D, Tryjanowski P, Apostolova I, Arlettaz R, Aunins A, Aviron S, Balezentiene L,  Fischer C,  Halada L, Hartel T, Helm A, Hristov I, Jelaska SD, Kaligarič M, Kamp J, Klimek S, Koorberg P, Kostiukova J, Kovács-Hostyánszki A, Kuemmerle T, Leuschner C, Lindborg R, Loos J, Maccherini S, Marja R, Máthé O, Paulini I, Proença V, Rey-Benayas J, Sans FX, Seifert C, Stalenga J, Timaeus J, Török P, van Swaay C, Viik E, Tscharntke T (2015) Harnessing the biodiversity value of Central and Eastern European farmland. Diversity and Distributions 21 [doi: 10.1111/ddi.12288]


  • Kamp J, Pelster A, Gaedicke L, Karthäuser J, Dieker P, Mantel K (2015) High nest survival and productivity of Northern Lapwings Vanellus vanellus breeding on urban brownfield sites. Journal of Ornithology 156: 179–190 [doi: 10.1007/s10336-014-1114-0]
  • Kamp J (2014) Land management: Weighing up the reuse of Soviet croplands. Nature 505: 483 [doi:10.1038/505483d]
  • Sheldon RD, Kamp J, Koshkin MA, Urazaliev RS, Iskakov TK, Field RH, Salemgareev AR, Khrokov VV, Zhuly VA, Sklyarenko SL, Donald PF (2013) Breeding ecology of the globally threatened Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius and the demographic drivers of recent declines. Journal of Ornithology 154 (2): 501-516 [doi:10.1007/s10336-012-0921-4]
  • Kamp J, Siderova T, Salemgaarev A, Urazaliev R, Donald PF, Hölzel N (2012) Niche separation of larks (Alaudidae) and agricultural change on the drylands of the former Soviet Union. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 155: 41–49. [doi: 10.1016/j.agee.2012.03.023]
  • Kamp J, Urazaliev R, Donald PF, Hölzel, N (2011) Post-Soviet agricultural change predicts future declines after recent recovery in Eurasian steppe bird populations. Biological Conservation 144: 2607–2614. [doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2011.07.010]
  • Schielzeth H, Kamp J, Eichhorn G, Heinecke T, Koshkin MA, Lachmann L, Sheldon RD, Koshkin AV (2010) Wader, gull and tern population estimates for a key breeding and stopover site in Kazakhstan. Bird Conservation International 20: 186–199. [doi:10.1017/S0959270910000031]
  • Kamp J, Koshkin MA, Sheldon RD (2010) Historical breeding of Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius in Xinjiang. Chinese Birds 1: 70–73.
    [doi: 10.5122/cbirds.2009.0001]
  • Kamp J, Sheldon RD, Koshkin MA, Donald PF, Biedermann R (2009) Post-Soviet steppe management causes pronounced synanthropy in the Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius. Ibis 151: 452–463.
    [doi: 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2009.00938.x]
  • Kamp J, Koshkin MA, Sheldon RD (2009) Population size, breeding performance and habitat selection of the Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni. Bird Conservation International 19: 149–163.
    [doi: 10.1017/S0959270908008150]
  • Schielzeth H, Eichhorn G, Heinicke T, Kamp J, Koshkin MA, Koshkin AV, Lachmann L (2008) Waterbird migration on the Central Asian flyway: Population size estimates from a key staging area in Central Kazakhstan. Bird Conservation International 18: 71–86 [doi: 10.1017/S0959270908000087]

Other Publications

  • Kamp J (2013) Book review: ‘Birds of Central Asia’ by R. Aye, M. Schweizer and T.Roth. Ibis 155: 681–682
  • Sheldon RD, Koshkin MA, Kamp J, Dereliev S, Donald PF, Jbour S (2012) International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Sociable Lapwing (Vanellus gregarius). CMS Technical Series No. 28, AEWA Technical Series No. 47. Bonn, Germany Download
  • Urazaliev R, Iskakov T, Kamp J (2012) Aggressive intraspecific behaviour in Black Larks Melanocorypha yeltoniensis in winter. British Birds 105: 40–42
  • Kamp J (2011) "The Amazing Journey" - der Zug des Steppenkiebitzes. Der Falke 58: 101–103 Download
  • Kamp J (2010) Große Trupps und starke Bejagung – Neues vom Steppenkiebitz. Der Falke 57: 113–115 Download
  • Kamp J, Sohni V (2008) Die Vogelwelt der Ostfriesischen Inseln. In: Niedringhaus R, Haeseler V, Janiesch P (Hrsg.) Die Flora und Fauna der Ostfriesischen Inseln. Schriftenreihe Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer 11, Wilhelmshaven: 421–439   
  • Kamp J (2008) Forschung an einer weltweit bedrohten Vogelart – der Steppenkiebitz. Der Falke 55: 130–135 Download
  • Kamp J, Grishina KV (2008) Rooks killing adult Black-tailed Godwit. British Birds 101: 447
  • Kamp J (2007) Verbreitung, Bestand und Habitatnutzung des Mittelspechts Dendrocopos medius in NW-Niedersachsen. Vogelkundliche Berichte aus Niedersachsen 39: 77–96
  • Kamp J, Sohni V (2006) Habitat use and population densities of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos medius caucasicus in the NW Caucasus mountains (Russia). Vogelwelt 129: 69–75

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Kamp J (2014) Post-soviet agricultural abandonment and recent recultivation: trade-offs between food production and biodiversity conservation. Symposium presentation, 2nd Open Science Meeting Global Land Project, Berlin, Germany, 19–21/03/2014
  • Fijen TPM, Kamp J, Lameris TK, Urazaliev RS, Kleijn D, Donald PF (2013) Why do birds use dung in and around nests? A case study on the Black Lark Melanocorypha yeltoniensis. Symposium presentation, 146th annual meeting of the Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft (DO-G), Regensburg, Germany 02–07/10/2013
  • Kamp J (2013) One step(pe) further east – conservation strategies for agricultural landscapes in Kazakhstan and Western Siberia. Invited Talk at “East meets West workshop", Göttingen, Germany, 13–15/02/2013
  • Kamp J, Urazaliev R, Salemgareev A, Donald PF, Brinkert A, Sidorova T, Hölzel N (2013) Agricultural change, biodiversity and future conservation strategies for the Eurasian steppes. Talk, International Conference “Conservation of steppe and semi-desert ecosystems in Eurasia”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 13–14/03/2013


  • Kamp J (2012) Post-Soviet land-use change and conservation of avian biodiversity across the Eurasian steppe belt. Dissertation, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster und RSPB. Download
  • Kamp J (2007) Habitat selection of the Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius in Central Kazakhstan - a modelling approach. Diplomarbeit, Carl-von-Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg. Download

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