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Studying and working at the ZBMed

The ZBMed does not only provide you with books and journals. You will also discover PC workplaces, reading and learning spaces as well as group study rooms.

Information desk
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The information staff of the Medical Branch Library is happy to answer your questions regarding the library, the use of the library, literature search and procurement.

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Training courses and guided tours

We regularly offer guided library tours as well as initial orientation and literature searching courses and training courses on reference management, doctoral theses, etc.

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Network / e-resources

You can use the online services offered by the Medical Branch Library in the library, in the university network or from home or en route.

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Digital Publishing

We offer a range of publication support services, designed to promote the publication of books, articles, doctoral theses, journals and other works.

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Reference management

In order to organise your research sources you can use the program Citavi, for which the ULB Münster has acquired a permanent campus license.