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Overview of services and information for healthcare professionals and nursing staff

Information on the library card
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Library card

If you want to borrow books or other forms of media from the library, you will need a library card. You can apply for it at the Medical Library or at the Central Library. Or you can complete the online form.

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Network / e-resources

You would like to use licensed ULB media online en route, with your laptop or from home? Find out more about VPN and Wi-Fi.

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The library currently offers about 1,600 journals online. Print journals are available for use within the library premises.

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In addition to 60,000 printed books, the Medical Library has increasingly made e-books available on the university network.

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For comprehensive subject specific research, you can use numerous databases in the university network licensed for the University of Münster.

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Training courses

You need to work through the items of your bibliography and wish to obtain the desired books or essays as quickly as possible? Or you need to carry out further literature searches for your paper?