Information on library cards, tablet loan, Rapidoc and lending services.

Information on the library card
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Library card

If you want to borrow books or other forms of media from the library, you will need a library card. You can apply for it at the Branch Library or at the Central Library.
Library card information

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Loan information

Here you obtain information on the borrowing conditions of the Medical Branch Library such as loan periods, fees for overdue items, etc.
Loan information

Rapidoc Logo
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Staff and doctoral students of the Faculty of Medicine can use the Rapidoc Service, i.e. the Medical Branch Library handles the orders for all articles – regardless of whether they are available in Münster or not (exception: journals available online)
Rapidoc information
Rapidoc-document delivery

Parcel delivery
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Delivery services

Students and other library users can use the interlibrary loan or delivery services of foreign libraries if a book or an article is not available in Münster.
Interlibrary loan information

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Tablet loan

In order to support mobile, digital learning, the Medical Branch Library loans iPads and other tablet computers.
Tablet loan [de]