Neues Online-Buch: Signal Transduction


Signal Transduction (Second Edition)

Author(s): Bastien D. Gomperts, IJsbrand M. Kramer and Peter E.R. Tatham
ISBN: 978-0-12-369441-6
Elsevier 2009

A reference on cellular-signalling processes, Signal Transduction (Second Edition) details the sources, key observations, and experiments that set the scene for recent and current scientific endeavor. Beginning with a historical overview, this book discusses how the concept of chemical messengers arose in the early twentieth century and shaped our current understanding of the action of hormones, cytokines, neurotransmitters, and growth factors.

Signal Transduction second edition further examines more complex signalling cascades, emanating from classic receptors, as well as adhesion molecules, involved in processes such as vision, smell, inflammation, innate and adaptive immunity, glucose homeostasis, cell-fate decisions, cell differentiation, and cell transformation. This timely revision concludes with a discourse on the targeting of signal-transduction cascades in the treatment of cancer and the structure of protein domains key to the assembly of signalling complexes.

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