Neues Online-Buch: HIV Prevention


HIV Prevention
A comprehensive approach

Edited by: Kenneth H. Mayer and Hank F. Pizer
2009 Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-12-374235-3

Introduction I. Section I: Contexts and Principles: epidemiology, applied virology, microbiology, infectious disease and behavioural psychology applied to the design of AIDS prevention interventions Chapter 1: Current And Future Trends: Implications For Prevention Chapter 2. Biology of HIV Transmission Chapter 3: Principles and Theories of Behavior Applied to HIV Prevention II. Section II: Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions: programs for at-risk populations Chapter 4. Individual Interventions Chapter 5. Dyadic and Group Interventions Chapter 6. Structural Interventions in Societal Contexts Chapter 7: Voluntary Counselling and Testing Chapter 8: Interventions With Men Who Have Sex With Men Chapter 9. Interventions With Injecting Drug Users Chapter 10: Interventions With Sex Workers Chapter 11: Interventions With Youth in High Prevalence Areas Chapter 12: Interventions With Incarcerated and Institutionalized Persons Chapter 13. Preventing Perinatal Transmission III. Policy, Technology and Research: Biomedical technologies for prevention, testing and research Chapter 14. Harm Reduction and Public Health Chapter 15. STD Control for HIV Prevention Chapter 16 Using Antiretrovirals to Prevent HIV Transmission Chapter 17 Microbicides Chapter 18 Vaccines Chapter 19. Program Monitoring and Evaluation