For a longer transition period, we (WWU IT + WWUCA + DFN-PKI) offer worldwide recognized digital IDs (certificates) from two different providers.

  • The already longer offered digital IDs with “Global” certificates are based on the “T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2” root certificate from T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH.
    This offer expires in December 2022 for server certificates and in August 2023 for other certificates.

  • The now also offered digital IDs with “TCS” certificates from the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) of the pan-European research network GÉANT are based on the root certificates of Sectigo.

The digital IDs „TCS“ have three advantages: For many users, no new ID checks are necessary, there is no paperwork, and digital IDs from servers can be automatically renewed via ACME.

Selection of the organization

This selection page is only valid for “Global” certificates.

The certification authority of the university of Münster issues certificates not only for the university but also for the arts academy.

For each institution there is its own certification server.

Please select for which institution you want to request a certificate:

If you are working in the medical field: The Medical Faculty of the University of Münster (WWU) and the University Hospital Münster (UKM) are separate institutions. For members of the WWU Medical Faculty, we, the certification authority of the university, are responsible. For members of the UKM, the certification authority of the university hospital is responsible. The latter should contact the IT department of the UKM.