System Requirements

Voreen has been developed as a cross-platform C++ library. Therefore it can be built and used on a variety of hardware and software system setups. As Voreen makes heavy use of modern programmable GPU features, a somewhat recent graphics card with good OpenGL support is required.

Graphics Hardware

Nvidia Logo
Currently we support all NVIDIA graphics cards from the GeForce 8 series upwards. Series 6/7 cards may provide a subset of features (untested).
Since we mostly use NVIDIA GPUs for development, Voreen is a bit less tested on AMD GPUs. Nevertheless, AMD is generally supported.
Depending on the GPU, at least basic features of Voreen should be working.

Voreen on Windows

Windows Logo

We provide binary distributions for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
(Vista and XP are untested in newer versions of Voreen).
You can download Voreen here.

For Developers:

The source can be downloaded here. At the moment the following compilers are supported:

  • Visual Studio 2010 (VC10)
  • Visual Studio 2012 (VC11)
To build Voreen you will need:
  • CMake 2.8 (or newer) (Note: With CMake version 3.0.0 the compiler names for Visual Studio have changed. To use Voreen 4.4  with CMake 3.x the CMake files have to be modified.)
  • Qt 4.6 up to Qt 4.8 (Note: There is no support for Qt 5 at the moment)

Most of the other necessary external libraries are included in the source files. The larger dependencies can be downloaded here.  A list of all external libraries can be found here.

Voreen on LinuxTux

At the moment Voreen needs to be built from source on Linux systems (which is straightforward). You can downlaod the source files here. The following compilers are supported:

  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection
  • Clang: a C language family frontend for LLVM
To build Voreen you will need:

A list of all other external libraries can be found here.

Voreen on Mac OSMacos

OS X is currently not an active development plattform. Since our development is cross plattform a compilation from source is possible, but you may encounter some difficulties. This guy found out what "you may encounter some difficulties" means.

External Libraries

To build Voreen you need to have the following libraries/tools installed on your system.

CMake 2.8 (or newer)
Qt 4.6 up to Qt 4.8 (Note: There is no support for Qt 5 at the moment)
GLEW 1.5 - The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
GLUT - The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (Note: Only used in the Simple-Glut example.)

Optional Libraries

connexe - Used in connexe module.
DevIL - Image Library - Used in devil module for exporting screenshot and loading textures.
FFmpeg - Used in ffmpeg module for video export in the animation framework.
FTGL - Used in fontrendering module for on screen fonts.
GDCM - Used in gdcm module for loading DICOM files. Note: Windows user can get it here.
ITK - Used in itk module for sementations and registrations. Note: Windows user can get it here.
JAMA - Used in volumelabeling module.
LibTIFF - Used in tiff module for loading tiff files.
OpenMP - Used in openmp module for parallelization.
Python27 - Used in python module.
triangle - Used in the plotting module for 3d plots.
zlib - Used in zlib module for zipping files.
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