System Requirements

Voreen has been developed as a cross-platform C++ library. Therefore it can be built and used on a variety of hardware and software system setups. As Voreen makes heavy use of modern programmable GPU features, a somewhat recent graphics card with good OpenGL support is required.

Graphics Hardware

To run Voreen on your system, you will need support for OpenGL 3.x. This should be the case for all current graphics hardware. Some features of Voreen might require a higher OpenGL version (i.e., a more extended feature set) such as OpenGL 4.3. An example for this is the order-independet transparency rendering in Voreen's geometry rendering.

In general, we recommend to use current dedicated graphics hardware by NVIDIA or AMD. Since we mainly use NVIDIA GPUs for development, Voreen is less tested on AMD hardware. If you experience any problems with your graphics hardware, you can contact us.

Starting with version 5.0, Voreen also support Intel graphics hardware which only allows to use OpenGL core profile. On Windows, however, you might experience problems depending on your graphics driver. Moreover, you should note that a few additional Voreen modules do not yet support core profile mode (such as the VolumeLabeling module).

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Software Requirements

Voreen can be used on Windows and Linux platforms. We provide binary distributions for Windows here.

For Developers

When building Voreen 5.0 from source, you will need CMake and Qt 5 (older versions of Voreen do not support Qt 5, but require Qt 4.8 instead). For Windows, we support Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 for building Voreen 5.0. For Linux, the following compilers are supported:

  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection
  • Clang: a C language family frontend for LLVM

Most of the other necessary external libraries are included in the source files. The larger dependencies can be downloaded here for Windows.  For more details, please refer to the build instructions for your platform.

Optional Libraries

connexe - Used in connexe module for connected component analysis.

DevIL - Image Library - Used in devil module for exporting screenshot and loading textures.

FFmpeg - Used in ffmpeg module for video export in the animation framework.

GDCM - Used in gdcm module for loading DICOM files. Note: Windows user can get it here.

HDF5 - Used in hdf5 module for loading and exporting HDF5 data. Note: Windows user can get it here.

ITK - Used in itk module for sementations and registrations. Note: Windows user can get it here.

JAMA - Used in volumelabeling module.

LibTIFF - Used in tiff module for loading tiff files.

OpenMP - Used in openmp module for parallelization.

Python 3 - Used in python module. Note: older Voreen versions (< 5.0) use Python 2.7 instead.

triangle - Used in the plotting module for 3d plots.

zlib - Used in zlib module for zipping files.