Executable versions for Windows

We provide a pre-built version of VoreenVE for Windows.

Description Link Size
VoreenVE for Windows as *.zip file download 83 MB

Executable versions for Linux

We also provide a VoreenVE AppImage for Linux. This should allow you to directly run VoreenVE without building from source (although we still recommend to build Voreen from source on Linux systems). Simply extract the .tar.gz folder and run the file VoreenVE-x86_64.AppImage. The AppImage was built on Ubuntu 16.04 and should run on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 (among other distributions). 

Description Link Size
VoreenVE for Linux as *.tar.gz file download 93 MB

Note: Both the Windows and Linux executables contain the following modules: Base, BigDataImageProcessing, Connexe, Devil, EnsembleAnalysis, Ffmpeg, FlowAnalysis, Gdcm, HDF5, OpenCL, OpenMP, Plotting, PVM, Randomwalker, Segy, Staging, Stereoscopy, Surface, Tiff, UltramicroscopyDeployment, VesselNetworkAnalysis, Zip

The source code of Voreen for Linux and Windows

Please refer to our Build Instructions for building Voreen from source under Windows and Linux.

Description Link
Linux source code as *.tar.gz file download 39 MB
Windows source code as *.zip file download 135 MB


Please note that Voreen 5 is not necessarily backwards-compatible regarding workspaces that were created using older Voreen releases due to significant code changes. You can find an overview of the changes that were introduced along with Voreen 5.0 and other versions in the changelog.

You can find earlier Voreen releases in the release archive.