Current version Voreen 4.4

Executable version of VoreenVE for Windows:

Description Link Size
VoreenVE for Windows (32Bit) as *.zip file download 31.3 MB
VoreenVE for Windows (64Bit) as *.zip file download 30.4 MB

The source code of Voreen for Linux and Windows:

Description Link
Linux source code as *.tar.gz file download 17.3 MB
Windows source code as *.zip file download 61.4 MB

Please refer to our Build Instructions for building Voreen from source under Windows and Linux.

NOTE: There is a known bug with the pre-integrated classification and the use of 2D transfer functions, where Voreen 4.4 crashes if you have selected the pre-integrated classification and select the 2D transfer function tab in the transfer function editor. To prevent this you have to select the 'Transfer Function' classification of the SingleVolumeRaycaster before selecting the 2D transfer function tab.

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