Basic Rendering Examples

Nucleon Data Set
Direct volume rendering (DVR) of the
provided nucleon.vvd data set using
the rendering-raycasring.vws workspace.

Walnut Data Set
Direct volume rendering (DVR) of the
provided walnut.vvd data set using
the rendering-raycasting.vws workspace.

Slice Visualization
2D slice visualization using the
rendering-sliceview.vws workspace.

Multiple Views
3D visualization and three axis-aligned
slice viewers combined in the
rendering-largevolume.vws workspace.

Multivolume Raycasting
Combined rendering of multiple volume
data sets using the raycasting-multivolume.vws workspace.

Connected Slice Views
Simultaneously navigating through
multiple slice views in the
rendering-multisliceview.vws workspace.

Axis-Aligned Clipping
Clipping the data set by axis-aligned
planes using on-screen control elements
in the animation-editor.vws

Arbitrarily Oriented Clipping Planes
The clipping plane can directly be
controlled via an on-screen handle in
the rendering-volumeclipping.vws

Geometry Rendering
Voreen supports rendering of triangle
meshes, for instance the famous
Stanford-Bunny. An example is demonstrated in the rendering-geometry.vws workspace.

Combined Volumes and Geometries
Voreen allows to integrate triangle mesh
geometries into the volume rendering
as in the rendering-raycastinggeometry.vws