Said the Spider to the Spy

A play by Fred Carmichael.

The Play

A crime comedy set in Florida. Augusta Waycross (a librarian) borrows the identity of a best-selling romance author, and has a problem: a package of heroin is left in the house by a missing guest! She is soon inundated with undercover narcotic agents pretending to be guests whose aim is to arrest the king pin who will show up to collect the drugs. A lot of funny scenes: a detective placed in a window seat, a man who doesn’t remember who he is calls the police to see if they know, a helpful bum who makes a Bed & Breakfast for the house, a couple who met buying candy bars show up,  a women’s club member with a black belt in karate demonstrates her skills. And then the romance author unexpectedly turns up, followed by her dark and brooding husband.


  • 2023 November 16th / 20th / 21st / 23rd / 30th – at 20:00 each;

all performances are at the Studiobühne, Domplatz 23 Münster.

Tickets and Reservations

  • tickets are available at the door on the day of the performance
  • tickets are 10, – € / 8,– € for regular audience / students
  • reservations are possible by informally mailing us via

Cast and Crew

  • Actors: Angela Kronlage, Lisanne Kempf, Binayet Karaduman, Rintu Daniel, Carla Schulte, Marina Reus, Richard Pollex, Jenny Wehmschulte, Mosab Zamout
  • Director: Richard Pollex 
  • Lights: Julia Schweifel

November 2023