The English Drama Group presents: El Shrinko for Everyone!

Our amusing sketch show will make you laugh! You know you need it. You’ll learn how to pick up women, learn French, and that your private parts are too big; you’ll see attorneys without kidneys and get to know about stuffed parrots and bees and vocal fry, which dentists to avoid and what in God’s name Blaarfengar means and that you shouldn’t mispronounce words or kill all the poor. And that you must use El Shrinko of course!


  • 2022 November 26th / 27th – at 20:00 each, and
  • 2022 December 1st / 2nd / 3rd – at 20:00 each;

all performances are at the Studiobühne, Domplatz 23 Münster.

(Please note that there will be no performance on 2022 December 12th, contrary to what the flyers of the Studiobühne’s current programme say; this date was added by mistake.)

Tickets and Reservations:

  • Tickets are € 10,– for regular audience and € 8,– for students.
  • You can buy tickets directly before the show.
  • You can reserve tickets by informally mailing us at

(Please note that you can only reserve tickets by email via our own mail address. Don’t try to reserve tickets by contacting someone with whom we are loosely associated, or by leaving messages to the janitor or whatnot.)

Cast and Crew: 

  • Actors: Mário Clara, Rintu Daniel, Henrik Hegenberg, Jenny Jürgens, Lisanne Kempf, Angela Kronlage, Richard Pollex, Konrad Stuhrmann, Christoph Unger
  • Director: Richard Pollex
  • Lights: Julia Schweifel
  • Sounds: Henrik Hegenberg