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Master of Arts: Empirical and Applied Linguistics

The Master's program "Empirical and Applied Linguistics" (EAL) is the first interdisciplinary linguistics program in Münster. All students interested in languages can study the basic areas of linguistics together before separating into specializations in General Linguistic, Indo-European Studies, German, English, Romance, and Dutch Linguistics. The electives, which have an exceptional breadth of content, and the practical module are then completed together again.

In view of the complexity of linguistics as a subject, the program "Empirical and Applied Linguistics" focuses on the structural composition of language, its formal diversity, and on the role of language in cognition, interaction, and social contexts. The two-part name of the program ("empirical" and "applied") derives from this dual focus on the possible manifestations of linguistic knowledge and on language as a means of communication. The focus on linguistic diversity gives rise to the multi-pronged structure of the curriculum, which allows students to specialize in a variety of languages and aspects of linguistic research. With a focus on interaction and communication, all specializations pay particular attention to the communicative, social, and cultural functions of language, which ensures a consistent regard for linguistic usage and application.

The program "Empirical and Applied Linguistics" is supported by all linguistic departments and professorships at the FB 09 - Philology of the University of Münster.