In the library of Sport and Exercise Sciences up to 5 media may be borrowed. The loan period amounts to 1 week. Exceptions are all journals and special stocks such as single copies of mandatory literature for exams and the stock of the archive.


The first loan requires the presentation of a valid and official identification document (personal ID) and the current valid student identification card. A user card for the library will afterward immediately be issued.

Student assistants or others, who want to loan in the name of a different person (e.g. a lecturer of the WWU), need to present a written authorization form which entitles them to do so.


The books of the library are readily accessible. During business hours students are allowed to take desired books out of the shelves by themselves. For each book a borrowing form has be filled out completely and must be presented to the current library supervisor.

Upon return, please present the borrowed media to the library supervisor. After completing the processing and control, please put the media back to their designated shelf position.


The loan period of borrowed media may be extended multiple times. The first renewal can be done by phone. For a second renewal, related books are to be presented in the library.


Borrowed books may be reserved at the info-counter. Upon return, if desired, a notification to the reserver can be made, that the specific book is now available again for loan. For reasons of protection of personal data, information about who has borrowed a certain volume, will not be provided.

Deadlines and loan prohibition

An exceedance of the loan deadline will be noted on the personal usercard. In case of repeated omissions of the deadlines, a temporary loan prohibition of at least 6 months will be imposed.

Not borrowable:

- Journals (Z-Signatures)
- Books from the module and exam literature (room 5)
- Books from seminar-instruments (room 5)
- Books from the authority cabinet (room 1)
- Books from the library-archive


Archive holdings

Books and journal holdings, which are stored in the archive, are worthy of protection, due to their age (year of publication before 1900), owing to their condition (paper quality) and/or because of their value (binding, illustrations i.a.). They may only be consulted within the premises of the library. The permission to print copies may be given by the library staff in case-by-case decisions and depending on the condition of the volume.

Interlibrary loan

Books and articles which are not available in Münster, may be ordered via an interlibrary loan process involving external libraries. This is a service of the University library, thus a valid University library ID card will be necessary.