Contact to the SFB 858 Management - Ann-Christin Grüter (Administrative Assistant, middle) with Prof. Armido Studer (Chairman, right) and Dr. Ludger Tebben (Managing Director, left)
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Organisation of the SFB 858

The Collaborative Research Center "Synergistic Effects in Chemistry - From Additivity towrds Cooperarivity", SFB 858 at Münster University is represented by its Chairman, Prof. Dr. Armido Studer (Organisch-Chemisches Institut).

Prof. Dr. Armido Studer
Speaker IRTG/SFB858
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius
Vice-Speaker IRTG
Dr. Ludger Tebben
Managing Director
Dr. Ludger Tebben
Admin. Assistant
Ann-Christin Grüter
Student Speaker IRTG
Melanie Siedow
Vice-Student Speaker
Lena Rakers
Board Members
Prof. Dr. Lifeng Chi
Prof. Dr. Henning Mootz
Henning Klaasen

Prof. Dr. Werner Uhl