Publications 2013

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Legal Aspects of Islamic Financial Instruments

In his book Osman Sacercelik lays attention on “Sukuk”, a securitised capital markets instrument in the field of Islamic Finance which is also gaining attention in Europe.

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Religious Arbitration in Common Law Countries

In the first German study on the topic, Franziska Hötte illustrates the factual and legal position of religious arbitration in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.


The Catholic Church and Violence

Silke Hensel provides a study on different groups in the Catholic Church in Europe and Latin America and their delegitimization or legitimization of violence.


“Rituals are everywhere”

A new textbook by historian Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, co-ordinator of the Cluster of Excellence ‘Religion and Politics’, provides an overview of the many different ritual phenomena throughout history.


Religion and Modernity

In this volume, renowned social and cultural scientists, historians and philosophers present different approaches to an analytical understanding of modernity and the role of religion in modern societies.


Law and Peace: Debates on Political Ethics

The contributions of this volume analyze the traditions of the Protestant understanding of law and justice, war and peace, and develop the model of a just peace based on the idea of human rights.


Confessional Ambiguity in the Early Modern Period

The historians Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger and Andreas Pietsch of the Cluster of Excellence ‘Religion and Politics’ have edited a new book on ‘Confessional Ambiguity’. The volume, which is published in the series ‘Schriften zur Reformationsgeschichte [Studies on the History of the Reformation]’ examines confessional ambiguity in the early modern period.


Churchliness and Religiosity in Central and Eastern Europe

The book explores the recent state and development of churchliness and religiosity from three perspectives (decline, individualization, and (re)vitalitazion) and according to three theoretical approaches (secularization theory, individualization thesis, and supply-side model of religious competition).


Popes and Violence in the High Middle Ages

The title of this book uses a quotation of Bishop Bonizo of Sutri who saw those who executed violence on behalf of the church equal to people who suffered violence for righteousness.


“Losing Heaven”

The first synopsis of faith in Germany since 1945, undertaken by contemporary historian Prof. Dr. Thomas Großbölting from Münster University’s Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”, was published under the title of “Losing Heaven”.