PhD Positions Available

The interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation” at the University of Münster, Germany, is offering up to two

PhD Positions
(salary level TV-L E 13, 65%)

This exciting opportunity will begin on 1 October 2019, and the successful candidates will take part in the Graduate School of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation”. Applicants are kindly requested to provide up to five pages describing their intended project (including a bibliography), connecting to the research field of “transcultural entanglement and disentanglement” (preferentially with a focus on the regions of the Atlantic or Indian Oceans).

These fixed-term positions are offered at a 65% TV-L E 13 salary level, which translates into approximately €1.566 net salary per month, including health insurance and social benefits. Currently, the regular working time for full (100%) employment is 39 hours and 50 minutes per week. The positions are available for three years with the further possibility of a completion scholarship. All doctoral projects will be supervised by professors within the Cluster. Besides working on their own projects, PhD students will also participate in the Cluster’s structured Doctoral Studies Programme as well as contribute to the Cluster’s research agenda. Information about the Graduate School and its study program can be found at:

The Cluster is an interdisciplinary research association with a thematic focus on the dynamic power of religion as a driving force behind political and social change. Disciplines involved include history, political science, sociology, Catholic and Protestant theology, law, Islamic studies and theology, Jewish studies, Egyptology, classical and early Christian archaeology, philosophy, philology, art history, and ethnology. For more information on the structures and research outline of the Cluster in general, as well as specifically on the research field of “transcultural entanglement and disentanglement”, please refer to

We are seeking students who can demonstrate exceptional ability in the humanities, cultural studies, social sciences, or in the areas of law/jurisprudence or theology/religious studies. Furthermore, we are particularly interested in attracting students who can demonstrate strong competence in interdisciplinary studies, can prove their ability to communicate their research in a variety of forums, and have the potential to establish themselves in international arenas. In order to facilitate communication and collaboration within the Graduate School, applicants who are not proficient in German will be encouraged and supported to attend German language courses.

The University of Münster is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the proportion of women academics. Consequently, we actively encourage applications from women. Female candidates with equivalent qualifications and academic achievements will be preferentially considered within the framework of the legal possibilities. We also welcome applications from candidates with severe disabilities. Disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will be preferentially considered.

Please send applications (including a cover letter, CV, copies of transcripts, a project description, and two academic references in a single PDF file) by 19 May 2019 to the Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence, Prof Dr Nils Jansen, preferably by email:

Prof Dr Nils Jansen
University of Münster
Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation“
Johannisstraße 1-4
48143 Münster

Please direct any further enquiries to the coordinator of the Graduate School, Vít Kortus (