Key Works of the Sociology of Religion

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The sociologists of religion Prof. Dr. Christel Gärtner of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” and Prof. Dr. Gert Pickel of the University of Leipzig have published a new collection entitled “Schlüsselwerke der Religionssoziologie” (Key Works of the Sociology of Religion). The publication contains essays by active and former members of the research association, including Martin Bunte, Margit Wasmaier-Sailer, Hans-Peter Großhans, Rüdiger Schmitt, Sarah Demmrich, Gergely Rosta, Hanns Wienold, Detlef Pollack, Klaus Große Kracht, Karl Gabriel, Christian Spieß, Levent Tezcan, Astrid Reuter, Olaf Müller and Alexander Yendell.

In recent decades, religion has increasingly attracted the attention of the political and media public and has become an often quite controversially discussed topic. At the same time, religion has also increasingly moved back into the focus of scientific research (again), as can be seen not least from the increase in research and publications in the sociology of religion since the mid-1990s. The recent renaissance of religion in sociology also has an impact on the number of students and doctoral students who have developed an interest in the topics and questions of the sociology of religion. It is also reflected in courses of study and research alliances related to religion. This volume provides an overview of the classical texts of the sociology of religion for study purposes, thus closing the gap created by the increased interest in the research field of religion. (maz/VS Springer)

Reference: Christel Gärtner, Gert Pickel (eds.), Schlüsselwerke der Religionssoziologie (Veröffentlichungen der Sektion Religionssoziologie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie), Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2019.