New image brochure

Texts and photos give an insight into the work being carried out at the Cluster of Excellence

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A new image brochure presents the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics. Dynamics of Tradition and Innovation” to academics and the general public. The image brochure has as its title page the new the new key visual “Dynamics of Religion”, which the graphic designer and artist Stefan Matlik has designed. Combining numerous motifs and scripts from various religions and epochs, Matlik has depicted the research focus of the Cluster of Excellence in all its diversity.

Available in German and English, the image brochure uses short explanatory texts and photographs of members of the Cluster of Excellence to give academics and the general public an insight into the Cluster’s work. It will be made available at conferences and cultural events organized by the Cluster of Excellence and the University of Münster, and will be sent to figures from politics, education, culture, churches, and religious communities. Interested parties can contact the Centre for Research Communication ( to order a large number of copies of the brochure for distribution. (vvm/sca)