Maxims in Islamic Law

A new episode of the video series “Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus“

Since its formation, Islamic Law has changed to a much larger extent than often assumed – the “maxims” show this, says scholar of Islamic Studies Prof. Dr. Nobert Oberauer. In his research, he traces this legal phenomenon that has received only little attention so far. The first maxims were written by lawyers in the 10th century, entire maxim collections ensued: rules of thumb and mnemonic phrases on legal issues of all kinds. The innovative element: they systemised Islamic law as never encountered before. This ought to correct our image of the development of Islamic law, explains the academic in a new episode of the video series Research Projects in Focus. The film gives insight into his research project “Maxims in Islamic Law” at the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” of Münster University. (dak/vvm)


Title: “Maxims in Islamic Law – Prof. Dr. Norbert Oberauer“
Series: Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus
Production: Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics“, Centre for Research Communication
Concept: Viola van Melis, Martin Zaune
Camera, Sound and Editing:
Daniel Huhn
Production date: 2017