Religious Legitimisation in Ancient Egypt

A new episode of the video series “Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus“

Religion and politics – a field of tension that came into existence well before the great monotheistic religions. As early as ancient Egyptian times, these spheres were closely interwoven, as Egyptologist Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser proves: she does research on Egypt's southern neighbours, who also ruled Egypt for a good 60 years as “black pharaohs”, and notes that the sacral kingdom of the Nubians adopted the Egyptian religion in order to assert their political reign. Two different cultures who resort to the same religious symbols and myths in order to secure political power – a phenomenon that occupies societies until today. A new episode of the video series Research Projects in Focus gives insight into her research project “Religious Legitimisation in Ancient Egypt” at the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” of Münster University. (maz/vvm)


Title: “Religious Legitimisation in Ancient Egypt – Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser“
Series: Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus
Production: Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics“, Centre for Research Communication
Concept: Viola van Melis, Martin Zaune
Camera, Sound and Editing:
Daniel Huhn
Production date: 2017