Normative Modernity

A new episode of the video series “Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus“

How do we justify our norms in morality and in law? How do we assess different forms of life? In the past, people relied on religious arguments, today, the justification of norms has radically been secularised, says legal philosopher Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutmann. Even if mankind has, over millennia, developed religious systems of meaning: the legal expert only sees progress in Kant's concept of the equality of freedom of all people. What effects this has on the reasoning about norms in modern societies is explained by the scholar in a new episode of the video series Research Projects in Focus. It introduces the research project “Normative Modernity” at the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” of Münster University. (maz/vvm)


Title: “Normative Modernity – Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutmann“
Series: Religion and Politics – Research Projects in Focus
Production: Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics“, Centre for Research Communication
Concept: Viola van Melis, Martin Zaune
Camera, Sound and Editing:
Daniel Huhn
Production date: 2017