Inauguration Rituals in Different Epochs and Cultures


The book goes back to a series of lectures in which experts analyzed inauguration-rituals in different epochs and cultures. The result is an overview of forms and functions of rituals which support a new beginning by examining relations, rights and duties and promising the good will of all participants. Despite many differences the common focus of these attempts is the concentration on the relation of religion and politics in these rituals on the one hand and the question of how much stage-play is hidden in the performance of these rituals on the other.

Note: Basu, Helene, and Gerd Althoff, Gerd (eds.), Rituale der Amtseinsetzung. Inaugurationen in verschiedenen Epochen, Kulturen, politischen Systemen und Religionen (Religion und Politik, vol. 11), Würzburg: Ergon 2015.