„Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries. Identity and Integration“

Conference at the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics"

Prof. Dr. Peter Funke

Sanctuaries played an important role in the religious as well as in the political life of Greek federal states. They were an important factor of integration and functioned as places where a comprehensive level of identity beyond the individual poleis was developed. The aim of the conference is an analysis of the interdependency between religion and politics under the specific conditions of the Greek federal states.

Conference venue: Agora Hotel, Room 1a/b, Bismarckallee 11b, 48151 Münster, Germany

Public Evening Lecture (Thursday, 17 June): Sanctuaries, Ethnicity and Regionalism (Jonathan M. Hall, Chicago, IL): Room F2, Fürstenberghaus,  Domplatz 20-22, 48143 Münster, Germany


Thursday, 17 June

10:00–10:30 Peter Funke, Münster Welcome and Introduction
10:30–11:15 Athanasios Rizakis, Athen Federal States and Sanctuaries: the Case of Achaea
11:45–12:30 James Roy, Nottingham Olympia, Identity and Integration: Elis, Eleia and Hellas
14:30–15:15 Angela Kühr, Frankfurt am Main Boeotia: (Trans)regional Sanctuaries, Identity, Integration
15:15–16:00 Klaus Freitag, Aachen The Acarnanians: an Ethnos without a Religious Centre and Common Festivals?

Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries 1: Beyond the Greek Mainland Peloponnese and Euboia

  • Thomas Heine Nielsen, Kopenhagen: Unity in Arkadia and Triphylia: Pressures and Possibilities
  • Nino Luraghi, Princeton, NJ: Federal Institutions and Regional Cults in Messenia 
  • Denis Knoepfler, Paris/ Neuchâtel: Le Koinon Euboéôn: une confédération atypique à toutes les étapes de son histoire?
17:15–17:30 Panel Discussion
Jonathan M. Hall, Chicago, IL Öffentlicher Abendvortrag
Hörsaal F2, Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20-22
Sanctuaries, Ethnicity and Regionalism

Friday, 18 June

Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries 2: Central Greece
9:00–10:20 Bruno Helly, Richard Bouchon, Lyon Construire et re-construire l’Etat fédéral thessalien (époque classique, époque hellénistique et romaine): nouveaux documents, nouvelles perspectives
Peter Funke, Münster Thermika and Aitolika: Old and New Centres in the Aitolian Koinon
Giovanna Daverio Rocchi, Mailand Ethnic Identity, Cults, and Territorial Dwelling. The Eastern and Western Lokrians
Jeremy McInerney, Philadelphia, PA Making Phocian Space: Sanctuary and Community in the Definition of Phocis
10:20–10:45 Diskussion
Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries 3: Northern Greece
11:00–12:00 Elizabeth Meyer, Charlottesville, VA When was there a Federal State in Molossia and Epirus?
Miltiades Hatzopoulos, Athen Was Dion Macedonia’s Religious Centre?
Michael Zahrnt, Köln Olynth and the Chalcidians – vierzig Jahre danach
12:00–12:15 Panel Discussion
Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries 4: Beyond the Greek Mainland
12:15–13:15 Kostas Buraselis, Athen  Federalism, Royal Planning and Cult Places in the Hellenistic Aegean: Nesiotai, Lesbioi, Kretaieis
Ralf Behrwald, Bayreuth Lykische Kultstätten als Orte von Konkurrenz und Integration
Michael Fronda, Montreal, QC Southern Italy: Sanctuary, Panegyris and (failed?) Italiote Identity
13:15–13:30 Panel Discussion
Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries: Panhellenic Reflections
15:00–15:40 Bernhard Smarczyk, Köln  Panhellenic Sanctuaries and Common Norms and Rules in Greek Interstate Relations
Lynette G. Mitchell, Exeter Panhellenism and the Panhellenic Sanctuaries
15:40–16:00 Panel Discussion
Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries: Between Religion and Politics
16:15–17:45 Sheila Ager, Waterloo, ON The Gods Help Them that Help Themselves: Conflict and Conflict Resolution among the Federal States
Emily Mackil, Berkeley, CA The Integrated Exterior Face: Local Sanctuaries, Federal Power, and Interstate Relations
Cinzia Bearzot, Mailand Politics of Integration in Federal States. Ancient Theoretical Reflections
Gustav Adolf Lehmann, Göttingen Zur Rezeption der politischen Kultur der antiken griechischen Bundesstaaten in der Neuzeit: Hinweise und Beobachtungen
17:45–18:15 Panel Discussion

Saturday, 19 June (Speakers Only)

9:30–10:00 Reception at the Town Hall (Friedenssaal)
10:30–11:00 Kurt Raaflaub, Providence, RI Greek Federal States and their Sanctuaries: Synopsis and Outlook
11:00–11:30 Hans Beck, Montreal, QC Project Outline of the ‘New Larsen’: What’s new?
12:00–13:30 The New Larsen: Concepts and Approaches (Round Table Discussion)
15:00–17:00 Guided Tour of Münster