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The research topice of or work unit can be divided into three main areas of interest:

  1. The development of emotions and their regulation in sociocultural contexts
    This involves questions about how emotions develop from infancy to adulthood,how new emotions are created, and how children learn to regulate their emotions in a socially and psychologically appropriate way. The focus is on the sociocultural conditions as well as the means for developing these socio-emotional competencies.
  2. The organization of education in Kindergarten (Dt.: BIKO - Bildung im Kindergarten organisieren)
    This involves questions on how the pedagogical work of child care facilities can be designed and organized in a manner that accompanies and promotes the needs of the children entrusted to them in the best way possible. The focus is on the development of professional instruments for the diagnosis of childhood development and the play-based promotion of socio-emotional and numerical competencies.
  3. Classroom management and professional vision in teaching
    This project deals with the question of how teachers use their classroom environments as an effective means for organizing their lessons and how the necessary competencies can already be taught within the university curriculum. The focus is on recording and promoting professional vision in teaching, the competence needed for analyzing the teaching process in a professional manner, and the ability to generate ad hoc situation-appropriate opportunities for responding.