My primary research focus is on the EEGManyPipelines project that is a crowdsourced, many analysts project addressing the question of the variability and robustness of electrophysiological (EEG) findings across different analysis approaches. The EEGManyPipelines initiative is grounded in the core values of the Open Science Movement, bringing together a team of 17 scientists working in 10 different countries. Using a multi-analyst approach, we aim to map the real-life analytic space of EEG preprocessing and data analysis choices for a single dataset. In addition to my interest in metascience, I’m also interested in and have worked on oscillatory dynamics in the brain with a focus on alpha oscillations and their interplay with other physiological and cognitive measures.

  • CV

    2017 – 2022             PhD candidate (thesis submitted),
                                         Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
                                         Leipzig, Germany

    2015 – 2016             Research assistant: Behavioral Neurology Research Unit
                                         Tampere University Clinics
                                         Tampere, Finland

    2013 – 2016            Master of Science in Cognitive Science
                                        University of Vienna
                                        Vienna, Austria

    2008 – 2013            Bachelor of Science in Psychology
                                        Mykolas Romeris University
                                        Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Publications

    • Cesnaite, Steinfath, Jamshidi Idaji, Stephani, Haufe, Sander, Hensch, Hegerl, Riedel-Heller, Witte, Schroeter, Villringer, Nikulin (2022). Age-Related Alterations in Alpha-Peak Parameters, 1/f Neuronal Noise and Their Relation to Cognition. Under revision.
    • Kumral, Al, Cesnaite, Kornej, Sander, Hensch, Zeynalova, Tautenhahn, Hagendorf, Laufs, Wachter, Nikulin, Villringer (2022). Attenuation of the Heartbeat-Evoked Potential in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation. JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology.
    • Kumral*, Cesnaite*, Beyer, Hofmann, Hensch, Sander, Hegerl, Haufe, Villringer, Witte, Nikulin (2022). Relationship between Regional White Matter Hyperintensities and Alpha Oscillations in Older Adults. Neurobiology of Aging.
    • Zsido, Molloy, Cesnaite, Zheleva, Regenthal, Villringer, Nikulin, Sacher (2022). One-week escitalopram intake alters the excitation–inhibition balance in the healthy female brain. Human Brain Mapping.
    • Kumral, Şansal, Cesnaite, Mahjoory, Al, Gaebler, Nikulin, Villringer (2020). BOLD and EEG signal variability at rest differently relate to aging in the human brain. NeuroImage.
    • Morys, Janssen, Cesnaite, Beyer, García-García, Kube, Kumral, Liem, Mehl, Mahjoory, Schrimpf, Gaebler, Margulies, Villringer, Neumann, Nikulin, Horstmann (2019). Hemispheric asymmetries in resting‐state EEG and fMRI are related to approach and avoidance behaviour, but not to eating behaviour or BMI. Human Brain Mapping.
    • Babayan, Erbey, Kumral, …, Cesnaite, …, Nikulin, …, Sacher, Thoene-Otto, Villringer (2019). A mind-brain-body dataset of MRI, EEG, cognition, emotion, and peripheral physiology in young and old adults. Scientific Data.
    • Mahjoory*, Cesnaite*, Hohlefeld, Villringer, Nikulin (2018). Power and temporal dynamics of alpha oscillations at rest differentiate cognitive performance involving sustained and phasic cognitive control. NeuroImage.
    • Kuusinen, Cesnaite, Peräkylä, Ogawa, Hartikainen (2018). Orbitofrontal Lesion Alters Brain Dynamics of Emotion-Attention and Emotion-Cognitive Control Interaction in Humans. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

    *Equal contribution.