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Master’s degree in physics in Germany and Spain
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International double degrees

The working environment for university graduates is becoming increasingly international. Against this background, the importance of university dual degrees is increasing. Students in these programs earn a degree at their home university and at the foreign partner university after studying at both locations. Graduates of international double degrees gain qualifications through experience abroad and an education that is recognized in the partner country. Integrated study at two universities allows a broader range of electives to be offered without extending study time. In addition, students acquire important key competencies such as foreign languages, intercultural competence and flexibility.

Double degree Physics


The University Münster offers master students of physics an international double degree in cooperation with the Universidad de Sevilla.

Under the program, students spend their first year of study in Seville and then continue their studies in Münster. Upon successful completion of the master's program in Münster, you will receive

  • from the University Münster the "Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Physics" and
  • from the Universidad de Sevilla, depending on the field of specialization
    • the „Máster Interuniversitario en Física Nuclear“,
    • the „Máster Universitario en Ciencia y Tecnología de Nuevos Materiales“ or
    • the „Máster Universitario en Microelectrónica“.

Requirements and contents of the double degree program

The study of the double degree program includes the following achievements and modules:

  1. Acquisition of 60 Credit Points/ECTS at the Universidad de Sevilla in agreement with the responsible coordinators. Of these, at least 30 Credit Points/ECTS from the respective Spanish Master's program in accordance with the "Academic Agreement".
  2. The Master's program at the University Münster includes the following requirements and contents:
  • Specialization and project planning: 30 Credit Points/ECTS
  • Master thesis: 30 Credit Points/ECTS

Double Degree Agreement Münster/Sevilla: General Agreement, Academic Agreement

Application and contact persons

The selection of students admitted to the dual degree program is based on the applicable standards of the home universities, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Previous grade point average in physics studies.
  • Basic knowledge of the Spanish language. English language skills will also be considered. In order to learn the Spanish language, a module "Spanish for Natural Scientists" with 18 Credit Points can be completed as "Interdisciplinary Studies" in the Bachelor's program (B. Sc.) of Physics at the WWU Münster.

For admission to the winter semester, the application (letter of motivation, information on language skills, curriculum vitae in tabular form, proof of academic and examination achievements (Transcript of Record, Bachelor certificate if applicable), desired course of study in Seville (see below)) must be submitted by 28.02. of the same year (e.g. start of studies in Seville in September 2024, submission of application by 28.02.2024). After reviewing the documents, applicants may receive confirmation of acceptance for this program and further information on enrollment at the Universities of Seville and Münster.

Inquiries and applications for this program should be directed to Prof. Dr. Alexander Kappes, or the Office of the Dean of Studies of the Department of Physics:, Tel.: +49 251 83-34996.

Support through scholarships

To financially support the students in this program, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has approved some scholarships for the stay abroad in the amount of 850 Euro per month for the academic years 2020/2021 to 2023/2024.

Further information:

Status: Feb 2021

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