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Videos from talks at workshops and conferences

Loughborough, February 2014
Inaugural Lecture
The rugged beauty of drying and crystallisation patterns
Link to page of video (about 90min)

Cambridge, Juli/August 2013
Lectures in Summer School Mathematical Approaches to Complex Fluids
Lecture 1: Gradient dynamics formulations of thin film equations
Link to page of video (about 90min)
Lecture 2: Depinning transitions and deposition patterns
Link to page of video (about 90min)

Cambridge, May 2013
joined Talk with Desislava Todorova on Evolution equations for films of mixtures and suspensions - the case of dewetting mixtures
at Programme Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Complex Fluids and Active Media in Evolving Domains
Link to page of video (about 90min)

Banff, December 2012
Talk on Thin film evolution equations for complex fluids - extensions based on a gradient dynamics formulation
at Workshop Thin Liquid Films and Fluid Interfaces: Models, Experiments and Applications
Link to video (about 30min)

Freiburg, November 2011
Physikalisches Kolloquium on The rugged beauty of deposition patterns at receding contact lines
at Universität Freiburg
Link to video (about 60min)

Madrid, September 2011
Talk on Describing the dynamics of the contact line for solutions and suspensions
at Symposium on Wetting and Spreading Dynamics sponsored by Ramon Areces Foundation in the framework of "A Week of Science"
Link to video (about 30min)


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