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Bachelor and Master theses in Theoretical Nonlinear Physics

There exist possibilities to do your Bachelor (B) or Master (M) thesis project in our group at the Institut für Theoretische Physik at Universität Münster. Subjects come from a wide range of nonlinear phenomena appearing, e.g., in material science, (physico-chemical) fluid dynamics, surface science, nonlinear optics, biological physics, (big) data analysis and control of power grids

Examples for specific subjects include:
  • Pattern formation in driven heterogeneous Systems
    • Application to crystallisation (B, M)
    • Application to friction phenomena (M)
    • Interacting depinning and coarsening instabilities (B)
    • Pattern formation in adaptive domains (M)
    • Depinning droplets - tracking the time-dependent states (B)
    • Studies of maximally simplified model equations for extended systems(B,M)
  • Modelling of wetting and deposition phenomena of simple and complex fluids
    • Adhesion and spreading of fluids (B) and cell aggregates (M) on hard/soft surfaces
    • Dynamic wetting transitions (B)
    • Front motion and related transitions (B,M)
    • Pattern deposition from moving contact lines (B,M)
    • Dewetting of multilayer systems - a bifurcation study (B)
    • Thermal convection patterns in bilayer-droplets (B)
  • Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in biological systems
    • Modelling the growth of biofilms (B,M)
    • Analysis of models for biological swarms and layers of active fluids (M)
    • Models for the growth dynamics of biological tissues (M)
  • Dynamical Density Functional Theory and its simplificatons
    • Deriving and analysing Phase Field Crystal models (B,M)
    • Phase Field Crystal model for active media (M)
All possible projects combine various aspects: literature study, the analytical and numerical analysis of existing models, the physical interpretation of the mathematical/numerical results, comparison with experiments and further model development (only M).

Doctorate in Theoretical Physics at University Münster

Right now the graduate school "Molecules and Interfaces" here at WWU invites applications for PhD fellowships to start on October 1st, 2017 or later. The application deadline is April 30, 2017. See link. In particular work on modelling (dynamic) self-assembly could be pursued in this context and be tutored in the group.

There are further forthcoming positions starting in Oct 2017. They will be advertised in May 2017 here and on the usual chanels.

Themes come from the range:
  • Principles of front motion in soft matter systems
  • Dynamics of phase transitions
  • From DDFT to PFC for self-assembling complex molecules
  • Driving and controlling contact lines and deposition patterns
  • Structure formation in and microfluidics of interface-dominated complex and active liquids (layers of nanoparticle or bacterial suspensions, (active) liquid crystals, polymer blend solutions).
  • Structure formation in out-of-equilibrium phase transitions (dynamic wetting transition. transitions in liquid crystal flows, onset of swarming motion)

Postdoc in Theoretical Physics at Universität Münster

(no present jobs)

External grants

There exist always possibilities to obtain personal grants for Doctoral Studies, Postdoctorial projects or Junior Research Groups (funding by EU, Germany, or outgoing grants of your country). I am always prepared to discuss research projects, tutor PhD candidates or Postdocs and support young scientist groups in my wider field of interest.


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