Theses from working group Kulesza

Theses completed by the group members

  • MSc Fernando Pinto Gómez: "Single top quark production in the t-channel at hardron colliders", 2021.
  • PhD Daniel Schwartlaender: “Application of Threshold Resummation Methods to LHC phenomenology”, 2020.
  • BSc Francisco Javier Vara Carbonell: “Constrained systems in the path integral formalism”, 2020.
  • PhD Oleh Fedkevych: “Double parton scattering in jet production processes at the LHC”, 2019.
  • MSc Vera Elliger: “Top quark pair-production at the LHC”, 2019.
  • BSc Elena Bazo González: “BRST invariance and the quantisation of constrained systems”, 2019.
  • BSc Marlon Becker: “Mono-photons as signals for dark matter at the LHC”, 2019.
  • BSc Johannes Pirsch: “Scalar leptoquark pair production at the LHC”, 2019.
  • MSc Laura Moreno Valero: “Theoretical predictions for the Higgs boson production in association with a top quark and a jet at the LHC”, 2018.
  • MSc Johannes Michel: „Transverse Momentum Resummation at Forward Rapidities and Its Applications to LHC Physics“, 2017.
  • PhD Christoph Borschensky: „Precision Calculations for Coloured Supersymmetric Particle Production at the LHC“, 2016.
  • PhD Vincent Theeuwes: „Soft gluon resummation for heavy particle production at the LHC“, 2015.
  • MSc Raphael Heger: „Threshold resummation for supersymmetric top-quark pair-production at the LHC“, 2016.
  • MSc Cesar Tejera Centeno: „Higgs boson production at the LHC“, 2016.
  • MSc Patrick Hamers: „Associated neutralino-pair production with a Z boson at the LHC“, 2014.
  • BSc Simon May: „Properties of supersymmetric top quark pair-production at hadron colliders“, 2015.
  • BSc Kevin Max: „Squark and gluino production with non-degenerate masses at the LHC and future hadron colliders“, 2014.
  • BSc Saskia Schmiemann: „Coulomb corrections to squark-pair production at the LHC“, 2013.