Publications from the year 2011


J. Debove, B. Fuks, M. Klasen:
Joint resummation for gaugino pair production at hadron colliders
arXiv:1102.4422 [hep-ph]
Nucl. Phys. B 849 (2011) 64


B. Fuks, B. Herrmann, M. Klasen:
Phenomenology of anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenarios with non-minimal flavour violation
arXiv:1112.4838 [hep-ph]
Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 015002


M. Klasen, G. Kramer:
Dijet photoproduction of massless charm jets at next-to-leading order of QCD
arXiv:1104.0095 [hep-ph]
Eur. Phys. J. C 71 (2011) 1774


B. Herrmann, M. Klasen, Q. Le Boulc'h:
Impact of squark flavour violation on neutralino dark matter
arXiv:1106.6229 [hep-ph]
Phys. Rev. D 84 (2011) 095007


C. Yaguna:
An intermediate framework between WIMP, FIMP, and EWIP dark matter
arXiv:1111.6831 [hep-ph]
JCAP 1202 (2012) 006