Ultrafast magnetism and THz spectroscopy

Ferrimagnets such as GdFeCo can be switched by circularly polarized femtosecond laser pulses, opening the door to ultrafast magnetic data storage. We investigated this so-called all-optical switching (AOS) in TbFe [1]. We have shown that AOS also occurs in artificial zero moment magnets consisting of magnetic bilayers [2]. Previously, expensive and bulky laser amplifier systems were necessary to induce AOS. We have demonstrated AOS with a laser oscillator for the first time [3].

Ultrafast laser pulses can also induce spin currents in ferrimagnets. The spin current can be converted into a charge current at the interface to a non-magnetic material such as Pt via the inverse Spin-Hall effect. As a consequence, THz radiation is emitted by the transient charge current. We demonstrate that the ferrimagnets TbFe and GdFe show substantial THz emission with Pt on top [4, 5]. These so-called "spintronic emitters" can be easily fabricated by sputtering on the wafer scale and are robust and easy-to-use.

We show that spintronic THz emitters can also be witched on and off by chaning the temperature [6] or small magnetic fields [7].

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