Dr. Ashish Arora


Physikalisches Institut

Wilhelm-Klemm-Str. 10
48149 Münster

Tel.: +49 251 83-36577

since 2017 Postdoctorate Researcher (German Research Foundation), Physikalisches Institut, University of Münster

Postdoctorate Researcher (A. v. Humboldt Research Fellow), Physikalisches Institut, University of Münster

2014 - 2015 Postdoctorate Researcher, Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, CNRS, Grenoble, France (Dr. Marek Potemski)
2009 - 2014 Ph.D., Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India (Prof. Sandip Ghosh)
2006 - 2009 Master of Science, Deartment of Condensed Matter Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India (Prof. B. M. Arora)


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  • Magnetic-field-induced rotation of polarized light emission from monolayer WS2R. Schmidt,* A. Arora,* G. Plechinger, P. Nagler, A. Granados del Águila, M. V. Ballottin, P. C. M. Christianen, S. Michaelis de Vasconcellos, C. Schüller, T. Korn, and R. Bratschitsch, Phys. Rev. Lett., 117,077402 (2016) (*equal contribution)
  • Valley Zeeman splitting and valley polarization of neutral and charged excitons in monolayer MoTeat high magnetic fields, A. Arora, R. Schmidt, R. Schneider, M. Molas, I. Breslavetz, M. Potemski, and R. Bratschitsch, Nano Lett. 16, 3624 (2016)
  • Exciton band structure in layered MoSe2: From a monolayer to the bulk limit, A. Arora, K. Nogajewski, M. Molas, M. Koperski, and M. Potemski, Nanoscale 7, 20769 (2015)

  • Excitonic resonances in thin films of WSe2: From monolayer to bulk material, A. Arora, M. Koperski, K. Nogajewski, J. Marcus, C. Faugeras, and M. Potemski, Nanoscale, 7, 10421 (2015)

  • Single photon emitters in exfoliated WSe2 structures, M. Koperski, K. Nogajewski, A. Arora, J. Marcus, P. Kossacki, and M. Potemski, Nat. nanotechnol. 10, 503 (2015)

  • Indirect-to-direct band-gap crossover in few layer MoTe2, I. G. Lezama, A. Arora, A. Ubaldini, C. Barreateau, E. Giannini, M. Potemski, and A. Morpurgo, Nano Lett. 15, 2336 (2015)

  • Polarization of emission from non-polar III-nitride quantum wells: The influence of confinement, A. Arora and S. Ghosh,  J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47 045101 (2014)

  • Large exciton g-factors in anisotropically strained A-plane GaN film measured using magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy, A. Arora, N. Hatui, A. Bhattacharya, and S. Ghosh, App. Phys. Lett. 103, 052109 (2013)

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2018 Best Poster Award, 3rd International Conference on 2D Crystals (Malta)
2015 - 2017 Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation (Germany)
2006 - 2013 Research fellowship by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (India)
2006 University Gold Medal award for securing first position in Bachelor of Science, Panjab University, Chandirgarh (India)