Dr. Katrin Hannemann

Dr. Katrin Hannemann

Corrensstr. 24, room 311
48149 Münster

T: +49 251 83-34701

  • Research Areas

    Ambient noise studies

    Using ambient noise to analyse local structures, site effects and clock drifts of logging tools

    Receiver Functions and seismic wave polarization

    Using converted earthquake waves to determine seismic 1D velocity models below a seismic sensor


    Using seismic arrays to detect seismic events and characterize the seismic wave field

  • CV


    PhD (University of Potsdam)
    Undergraduate studies (University of Potsdam, diploma in Geophysics)


    Scientist, AR (University Münster)
    Scientist, PostDoc (University of Potsdam)
    Scientist, PostDoc (Leipzig University)
    Scientist, PostDoc (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centr for ocean research Kiel)
    Scholarship holder, PhD student (University of Potsdam)
    Scientist, PhD Student (University Potsdam)
  • Publications

    • Fischer, Tomáš; Hrubcová, Pavla; Dahm, Torsten; Woith, Heiko; Vylita, Tomáš; Ohrnberger, Matthias; Vlček, Josef; Horálek, Josef; Dědeček, Petr; Zimmer, Martin; Lipus, Martin P.; Pierdominici, Simona; Kallmeyer, Jens; Krüger, Frank; Hannemann, Katrin; Korn, Michael; Kämpf, Horst; Reinsch, Thomas; Klicpera, Jakub; Vollmer, Daniel; Daskalopoulou, Kyriaki. . ‘ICDP drilling of the Eger Rift observatory: magmatic fluids driving the earthquake swarms and deep biosphere.’ Scientific Drilling 31: 31–49. doi: 10.5194/sd-31-31-2022.
    • Froment, Bérénice; Olivar‐Castaño, Andrés; Ohrnberger, Matthias; Gisselbrecht, Loic; Hannemann, Katrin; Cushing, Edward Marc; Boué, Pierre; Gélis, Céline; Haendel, Annabel; Pilz, Marco; Hillmann, Laura; Barbaux, Occitane; Beauprêtre, Sophie; Bouzat, Gilbert; Chaljub, Emmanuel; Cotton, Fabrice; Lavoué, François; Stehly, Laurent; Zhu, Chuanbin; Magnin, Olivier; Métral, Laurent; Mordret, Aurélien; Richet, Yann; Tourette, Alexandre. . ‘Complementary Dense Datasets Acquired in a Low-to-Moderate Seismicity Area for Characterizing Site Effects: Application in the French Rhône Valley.’ Seismological Research Letters . doi: 10.1785/ 0220220244. [accepted / in Press (not yet published)]
    • Hannemann Katrin, Eulenfeld Tom, Krüger Frank, Dahm Torsten. . ‘Seismic scattering and absorption of oceanic lithospheric S waves in the Eastern North Atlantic.’ Geophysical Journal International 229, No. 2: 948–961. doi: 10.1093/gji/ggab493.
    • Krüger, F, Dahm, T, Hannemann, K. . ‘Mapping of Eastern North Atlantic Ocean seismicity from Po/So observations at a mid-aperture seismological broad-band deep sea array.’ Geophysical Journal International 221 (2). doi: 10.1093/gji/ggaa054.
    • Rein, T, Hannemann, K, Thomas, C, Korn, M. . ‘Location and characteristics of the X-discontinuity beneath SW Morocco and the adjacent shelf area using P-wave receiver functions.’ Geophysical Journal International 223 (3). doi: 10.1093/gji/ggaa379.
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    • Hannemann, K. . Seismological investigation of the oceanic crust und upper mantle using an ocean bottom station array in the vicinity of the Gloria fault (eastern mid Atlantic) Dissertation thesis, Universität Potsdam.
    • Hannemann, K, Krüger, F, Dahm, T, Lange, D. . ‘Structure of the oceanic lithosphere and upper mantle north of the Gloria Fault in the eastern mid-Atlantic by receiver function analysis.’ Journal of Geophysical Research 122 (10). doi: 10.1002/2016JB013582.
    • Hannemann, K, Krüger, F, Dahm, T, Lange, D. . ‘Oceanic lithospheric S-wave velocities from the analysis of P-wave polarization at the ocean floor.’ Geophysical Journal International 207 (3). doi: 10.1093/gji/ggw342.
    • Paasche, H, Rumpf, M, Lontsi, A M, Hausmann, J, Hannemann, K, Fechner, T, Ohrnberger, M, Werban, U, Tronicke, J, Krüger, F, Dietrich, P. . ‘MuSaWa: Multi-Scale S-wave Tomography for Exploration and Risk Assessment of Development Sites.’ In Tomography of the Earth’s Crust: From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring, edited by Weber, M, Münch, U, 95–114. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-04205-3_6.
    • Hannemann, K, Papzachos, C, Ohrnberger, M, Savvaidis, A, Anthymidis, M, Lontsi, A M. . ‘Three-dimensional shallow structure from high-frequency ambient noise tomography: New results for the Mygdonia basin-Euroseistest area, northern Greece.’ Journal of Geophysical Research 119 (6).
    • Hannemann, K, Krüger, F, Dahm, T. . ‘Measuring of clock drift rates and static time offsets of ocean bottom stations by means of ambient noise.’ Geophysical Journal International 196 (2). doi: 10.1093/gji/ggt434.