Professor Dr. Christine Thomas
Professor Dr. Christine Thomas

Professur für Geophysik (Prof. Thomas)

Corrensstr. 24, Room 310
48149 Münster

Phone: +49 251 83 33591
  • Research Areas

    • Seismology, Geophysics
  • CV


    PhD (Univ. Göttingen)
    Undergraduate studies (Univ. Marburg (Pre-Diploma), Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg (Diploma))


    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Univ. Liverpool)
    Postdoc (Univ. Leeds)
    visiting scientist, Univ. Cambridge and British Antarctic survey, UK
  • Projects

    • Deep Earth Rotational Seismology ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: AB 887/1-1
    • Physical properties of deep subducted lithosphere ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/11-3
    • HYPO-TZ - Generation and assessment of hypothetical seismic mantle transition zone structures ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/21-1
    • 3G-GWD: Third Generation Gravitational Wave Telescope. Subproject 6 ( - )
      Participation in BMBF-joint project: Federal Ministry of Education and Research | Project Number: 05A20PM3
    • MISS - Minderung der Störwirkung von Windenergieanlagen auf seismologischen Stationen ( - )
      Participation in other joint projects: EC - European Regional Development Fund | Project Number: EFRE-0801044/KEE-2-002E
    • Untersuchung der Anisotropie der Mantelübergangszone mit PP und SS Vorläufern ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/10-2
    • Phase transitions, Microstructures and their seismic signals from the Earth's mantle ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/18-1; SA 2585/3-1
    • SPP 2017: Gebirgsbildungsprozesse in 4-Dimensionen (4D-MB) - Teilprojekt: UNIBRA/DSEBRA - der deutsche seismologische Beitrag zu AlpArray ( - )
      Subproject in DFG-joint project hosted outside WWU: DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/15-1
    • Untersuchung des Einflusses von Mantelstrukturen auf Beobachtungen des Erdkerns ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/16-1
    • CREEP - Complex RhEologies in Earth dynamics and industrial Processes ( - )
      EU-project hosted outside WWU: EC H2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Innovative Training Network | Project Number: 642029
    • Physical properties of deep subducted lithosphere ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/11-1
    • Investigation of the anisotropy of the mantle transition zone using PP and SS precursors ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/10-1
    • Array study of the Reunion hotspot region from the mantle transition zone to the core-mantle boundary ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/9-1
    • RHUM-RUM - RHUM-RUM (Reunion Hotspot and Upper Mantle & Reunions Unterer Mantel): Seismological imaging of a mantle plume under La Reunion, western Indian Ocean) ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH1530/7-1
    • Investigation of Island uplift of the Azores Island region ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/6
    • Deep seismic structures beneath India and South Atlantic ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/5-1
    • Hochauflösende Untersuchungen der oberen Manteldiskontinuitäten ( - )
      Individual project: DFG - Individual Grants Programme | Project Number: 574345
    • SAMPLE - SPP 1375: South Atlantic Margin Processes and Links with onshore Evolution - SP: Seismic heterogeneities beneath the Atlantic and Africa - thermal or chemical? ( - )
      Subproject in DFG-joint project hosted outside WWU: DFG - Priority Programme | Project Number: TH 1530/3-1
    • DAAD Austauschprogramm: PPP Frankreich - PROCOPE ( - )
      Participation in other joint projects: German Academic Exchange Service | Project Number: 50088873
  • Publications

    • Rochira, F., Thomas, C. . ‘Mapping the edge of subducted slabs in the lower mantle beneath India.’ Geophysical Journal International 2022.
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