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    J. Ren, M. Koy, H. Osthues, B. Schulze Lammers, C. Gutheil, M. Nyenhuis, Q. Zheng, Y. Xiao, L. Huang, A. Nalop, Q. Dai, H.-J. Gao, H. Mönig, N.L. Doltsinis, H. Fuchs, and F. Glorius
    On-surface synthesis of ballbot-type N-heterocyclic carbene polymers
    Nat. Chem. 15, 1737-1744 (2023)


    M. Nyenhuis, I. Schönrath, P.N. Kamzeeva, T.S. Zatsepin, J. Müller, N.L. Doltsinis, A.V. Aralov
    Benzothiazole-substituted 1,3‑diaza‑2‑oxophenoxazine as a luminescent nucleobase surrogate for silver(I)-mediated base pairing
    Dalton Trans., 2022, 51, 13386-13395

  • Theses

    Molecular dynamics simulations of organic solar cells with network forming acceptors
    [Master thesis, 2020]

    Ab Initio Berechnungen zur Lichtemission von organometallischen Komplexen
    [Bachelor thesis, 2015]