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    • Destructive Photon Echo Formation in Six-Wave Mixing Signals of MoSe2 Monolayer
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      T. Hahn, J. Kasprzak, P. Machnikowski, T. Kuhn, and D. Wigger
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    • Controlling Photoluminescence Spectra of hBN Color Centers by Selective Phonon-Assisted Excitation: A Theoretical Proposal
      D. Groll, T. Hahn, P. Machnikowski, D. Wigger, and T. Kuhn
      Mater. Quantum. Technol. 1 (2021) 015004


    • Four-wave mixing dynamics of a strongly coupled quantum-dot–microcavity system driven by up to 20 photons
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      T. Hahn, D. Wigger and T. Kuhn
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      T. Hahn, D. Groll, T. Kuhn, and D. Wigger
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