Workshop Program

Two invited talks will be presented:

The detailed workshop program brochure can be downloaded.

Workshop Slides

Download all slides (zip-file).

Invited Talks

Olivier Lezoray, Partial Difference Equations (PdE) on Graphs for Image and Data Processing.
Milan Sonka, Graph Algorithmic Techniques for Biomedical Image Segmentation: LOGISMOS.

Mini Tutorials

Jaume Gibert, Ernest Valveny and Horst Bunke, Graph embedding.
Benoit Gaüzère, Luc Brun and Didier Villemin, Graph kernels.
Aykut Erdem and Marcello Pelillo, Graph transduction.

Graph Representation and Characterization

Andrea Cerri, Patrizio Frosini, Walter G. Kropatsch and Claudia Landi, A global method for reducing multidimensional size graphs.
Wojciech Czech, Graph descriptors from B-matrix representation.
Jaume Gibert, Ernest Valveny and Horst Bunke, Dimensionality Reduction for Graph of Words Embedding.
Lin Han, Edwin R. Hancock and Richard C. Wilson, Entropy versus Heterogeneity for Graphs.
Lin Han and Edwin R. Hancock and Richard C. Wilson, Learning Generative Graph Prototypes using Simplified Von Neumann Entropy.
Francisco Escolano, Boyan Bonev and Miguel A. Lozano, Information-Geometric Graph Indexing from Bags of Partial Node Coverages.
Brijnesh J. Jain and Klaus Obermayer, Maximum Likelihood for Gaussians on Graphs.
Salim Jouili and Salvatore Tabbone, Towards Performance evaluation of Graph-based Representation.

Graph Matching, Classification, and Querying

Camille Combier, Guillaume Damiand and Christine Solnon, Measuring the distance of generalized maps.
Haytham Elghazel and Mohand-Said Hacid, Aggregated Search in Graph Databases: Preliminary Results.
Stefan Fankhauser, Kaspar Riesen and Horst Bunke, Speeding up Graph Edit Distance Computation through Fast Bipartite Matching.
Benoit Gaüzère, Luc Brun and Didier Villemin, Two New Graph Kernels and Applications to Chemoinformatics.
Brijnesh J. Jain and Klaus Obermayer, Generalized Learning Graph Quantization.
David Rodenas, Francesc Serratosa and Albert Solé, Parallel Graduated Assignment Algorithm for Multiple Graph Matching based on a Common Labelling.
Gerard Sanromà, René Alquézar and Francesc Serratosa, Smooth Simultaneous Structural Graph Matching and Point-Set Registration.
Francesc Serratosa, Albert Solé-Ribalta and Xavier Cortés, Automatic Learning of Edit Costs based on Interactive & Adaptive Graph Recognition.
Albert Solé-Ribalta and Francesc Serratosa, Exploration of the labelling Space given graph edit distance costs.
Jin Tang, Bo Jiang and Bin Luo, Graph Matching based on dot product representation of graphs.
Markus Weber, Marcus Liwicki and Andreas Dengel, Indexing with Well-Founded Total Order for Faster Subgraph Isomorphism Detection.

Graph-Based Learning

Aykut Erdem and Marcello Pelillo, Graph Transduction as a Non-Cooperative Game.
Zhihong Zhang and Edwin R. Hancock, A Graph-based Approach to Feature Selection.

Graph-Based Segmentation

Nicole M. Artner, Adrian Ion and Walter G. Kropatsch, Spatio-Temporal Extraction of Articulated Models in a Graph Pyramid.
Filippo Bergamasco, Andrea Albarelli and Andrea Torsello, Semi-supervised Segmentation of 3D Surfaces using a Weighted Graph Representation.
Padraig Corcoran, Peter Mooney and James Tilton, Convexity Grouping of Salient Contours.
Michael Gerstmayer, Yll Haxhimusa and Walter G. Kropatsch, Hierarchical Interactive Image Segmentation using Irregular Pyramids.
Romain Goffe, Luc Brun and Guillaume Damiand, Tiled top-down pyramids and segmentation of large histological images.
Charles Iury Oliveira Martins, Roberto M. Cesar Jr., Leonardo Ré Jorge and André Victor Lucci Freitas, Segmentation of Similar Images using Graph Matching and Community Detection.


Klaus Broelemann, Xiaoyi Jiang and Angela Schwering, Automatic street graph construction in sketch maps.
Luc Brun, Donatello Conte, Pasquale Foggia and Mario Vento, People re-identification by Graph Kernels Methods.
Nina S.T. Hirata and Willian Y. Honda, Automatic Labeling of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols via Expression Matching.
Xiaoyi Jiang, Martin Lambers and Horst Bunke, Structure-Based Evaluation Methodology for Curvilinear Structure Detection Algorithms.
Henrique Morimitsu, Marcelo Hashimoto, Rodrigo B. Pimentel, Roberto M. Cesar Jr. and Roberto Hirata-Jr., Keygraphs for Sign Detection in Indoor Environments by Mobile Phones.
Miriam Schmidt and Friedhelm Schwenker, Classification of Graph Sequences Utilizing the Eigenvalues of the Distance Matrices and Hidden Markov Models.
Barbara Strug, Using Kernels on Hierarchical Graphs in Automatic Classification of Designs.

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