Work group Operator algebras and non-commutative geometry

Our work group represents the fields of operator algebras and noncommutative geometry in teaching and research. The current focus of our research is

  • structure of C * algebras and more general non-commutative algebras, in particular their K-theory and cyclic homology, as well as cohomology, group C * algebras
  • representation theory of locally compact groups and the Baum-Connes conjecture
  • non-commutative dynamic systems such as crossed products and ring C * algebras
  • quantized spaces
  • quantum groups and quantum groupoids

We meet every Monday 14 - 16 in SR4 for kleines seminar that is addressed mainly to MSc and PhD students, and to PostDocs.

During the lecture period, we meet for talks at Oberseminar C* algebras every Tuesday at 15:45 with coffee, cake and time for discussions in the seminar room SRZ 216 (Orléans-Ring 12).

Oberseminar C*-Algebras

Date Name Title Info
05.10.21 Microworkshop room SRZ 105
12.10.21 Julian Kranz Amenable actions of acylindrically hyperbolic groups and purely infinite C*-algebras.
19.10.21 Roozbeh Hazrat (Sydney) Weighted Leavitt path algebras.
26.10.21 Diego Martínez Magán Three properties from three perspectives of inverse semigroups.
02.11.21 Samantha Pilgrim (Honolulu) tba.
09.11.21 Siegfried Echterhoff tba.
16.11.21 Nadia Larsen (Oslo) tba.
23.11.21 Joachim Zacharias (Glasgow) tba.
30.11.21 Petr Naryshkin tba.
07.12.21 Tim de Laat tba.
14.12.21 Becky Armstrong tba.
01.02.22 Michael Puschnigg (Heidelberg) tba.