Work group Operator algebras and non-commutative geometry

Our work group represents the fields of operator algebras and noncommutative geometry in teaching and research. The current focus of our research is

  • structure of C * algebras and more general non-commutative algebras, in particular their K-theory and cyclic homology, as well as cohomology, group C * algebras
  • representation theory of locally compact groups and the Baum-Connes conjecture
  • non-commutative dynamic systems such as crossed products and ring C * algebras
  • quantized spaces
  • quantum groups and quantum groupoids

We meet every Monday 14 - 16 in SR4 for kleines seminar that is addressed mainly to MSc and PhD students, and to PostDocs.

During the lecture period, we meet for talks at Oberseminar C* algebras every Tuesday at 15:15 with coffee, cake and time for discussions in the seminar room SRZ 217 (Orléans-Ring 12).

Oberseminar C*-Algebras

Date Name Title Info
02.04.19 -- --
09.04.19 Andre Schemaitat The Jiang-Su algebra is strongly self-absorbing, revisited.
16.04.19 Ebrahim Samei (Saskatoon, z.Zt.  Warschau) Exotic C*-algebras of geometric groups. Restaurant Grotes, 18:15 Uhr
23.04.19 Karen Strung (Nijmegen) Optimal transport and unitary orbits in C*-algebras.
30.04.19 Maria Grazia Viola Spatial L^p AF algebras.
07.05.19 Paulo Boff Universal and exotic generalized fixed point algebras of discrete quantum group coactions.
14.05.19 Stuart White (Glasgow) Abstract classification. Restaurant I Galletti, 18:15 Uhr
21.05.19 Chris Schafhauser (Waterloo)

On the classification of simple nuclear C*-algebras.

Ristorante Milano (ehemals La Casa),
18:15 Uhr
28.05.19 Jamie Gabe (Wollongong) The nuclear dimension of O_\infty-stable C*-algebras.
04.06.19 Siegfried Echterhoff Amenable actions on C*-algebras and crossed products.
11.06.19 --- Pfingstferien
18.06.19 Michael Doucha (Prag) Function spaces on certain Lie groups.
25.06.19 Kristin Courtney The universal C*-algebra of a contraction.
02.07.19 Hannes Thiel Cuntz semigroups of ultraproduct C*-algebras.