Dr. Petra Ehling

Postdoctoral researcher

University Hospital Muenster
Neurology Clinic – Department of Inflammatory Disorders of the Nervous System and Neurooncology
Institute of Neuropathophysiology
Mendelstr. 7
D-48149 Münster

E-mail: Petra.Ehling@uni-muenster.de

Petra Ehling

PhD in 2010

PhD Research Project

Adenylyl cyclase mediated signalling in thalamocortical relay neurons

Promotion Committee

Prof. Dr. Thomas Budde (Supervisor)
Prof. Dr. Norbert Sachser
Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Pape

Actual research field

Pathophysiological role of ion channels in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders


Balfanz S*, Ehling P*, Wachten S*, Jordan N, Erber J, Mujagic S, Baumann A. Functional characterization of transmembrane adenylyl cyclases from the Honeybee brain. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 42: 435-45, 2012. * equal contribution

Bista P, Meuth SG, Kanyshkova T, Cerina M, Pawlowski M, Ehling P, Landgraf P, Borsotto M, Heurteaux C, Pape H-C, Baukrowitz T, Budde T. Identification of the muscarinic pathway underlying cessation of sleep-related burst activity in rat thalamocortical relay neurons. Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology 463: 89-102, 2011.

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Ehling P, Bittner S, Bobak N, Schwarz T, Wiendl H, Budde T, Kleinschnitz C, Meuth S. Two pore domain potassium channels in cerebral ischemia: a focus on K2P9.1 (TASK3, KCNK9). Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine 2: 14, 2010.

Ehling P, Bittner S, Budde T, Wiendl H, Meuth SG. Ion channels in autoimmune neurodegeneration. FEBS letters 585: 3836-42, 2011.

Ehling P, Kanyshkova T, Baumann A, Landgraf P, Meuth SG, Pape H-C, Budde T. Adenylyl Cyclases: Expression in the Developing Rat Thalamus and Their Role in Absence Epilepsy. Journal of molecular neuroscience : MN in press, 2012.

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Rankovic V, Landgraf P, Kanyshkova T, Ehling P, Meuth SG, Kreutz MR, Budde T, Munsch T. Modulation of Calcium-Dependent Inactivation of L-Type Ca Channels via β-Adrenergic Signaling in Thalamocortical Relay Neurons. PloS one 6: e27474, 2011.


*1982 in Gronau, Germany
2001-2006 Studies in Biology, University of Cologne
2006 Diploma thesis (Bachelor/Master), Institute of Complex Systems-4, Research Center Jülich, Title: “Charakterisierung von Adenylatzyklasen der Honigbiene Apis mellifera” (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arnd Baumann)
2006-2010 PhD research project, Institute of Physiology I, University of Münster
7/2010-12/2010 Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Physiology I, University of Münster
since 1/2011 Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Neurology and Institute of Neuropathophysiology, University Hospital Münster