Research Project

Learning from quantified episodic prediction errors: Individual biases in gist revision

Memories do not only carry information about the past. Instead, they also help us predict future events and generate expectations about what will happen next in a given situation. When a memory is retrieved in order to generate predictions, it enters a state of malleability and can be modified if the prediction was wrong (prediction error; PE). We are interested in the mechanism of memory modification in response to PEs and aim to investigate the nature of PEs that are capable of changing memories.

Complementary to a prior project, in which the quality of PEs was manipulated, we will vary the strength of PEs quantitatively. Furthermore, we will make use of social interactions as highly naturalistic stimuli. A paradigm encompassing several experimental sessions will be employed, in which the brain activity of participants will be measured both during encoding and during retrieval of episodes using fMRI.

PhD Committee

Prof. Dr. Ricarda Schubotz
Prof. Dr. Kristina Liefke, Ruhr University Bochum
Dr.  Inês Bramão, Lund Univerity, Sweden



Beginning of PhD research project, at the institute of psychology, University of Münster

2019-2021 MSc of Science in Psychology, Lund University
2014-2018 BSc of Science in Psychology, University of Potsdam
*1995 Wolfenbüttel, Germany