Dr. Gerrit Hirschfeld

Vodafone Foundation Institute and Chair for Children's Pain Therapy and Paediatric Palliative Care Children's Hospital Datteln Witten/Herdecke University Dr.-Friedrich-Steiner Str. 5
45711 Datteln

Phone: +49 (0) 2363-975-189
Fax: +49 (0) 2363-975-181
Email: g.hirschfeld@kinderklinik-datteln.de

PhD in 2010

Research Project

"Semantics in language processing"

Promotion Committee

Prof. Dr. P. Zwitserlood (Supervisor), Institute of Psychology
Prof. Dr. M. Lappe, Institute of Psychology
Prof. Dr. N. Sachser, Department Of Behavioural Biology


Hirschfeld, G., & Zwitserlood, P. (2011). How vision is shaped by language comprehension - top-down feedback based on low-spatial frequencies. Brain Research. 1377, 78-83. [PubMed] [IF: 2.46]

Hirschfeld, G., Zwitserlood, P., & Dobel, C. (2011). Effects of language comprehension on visual processing – MEG dissociates early perceptual and late N400 effects. Brain and Language. 116, 91-96. [PubMed] [IF: 2.97]

Thielsch, M., &  Hirschfeld, G. (2010). High and low spatial frequencies in website evaluations. Ergonomics. 53(8), 972-978 [PubMed] 

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Brown, G. T. L Irving, S. E., Peterson, E. R., & Hirschfeld, G.H.F. (2009). Use of informalinteractive assessment practices: New Zealand secondary students' conceptions of assessment. Learning and Instruction. 19(1), 97-111. [DOI]

Hirschfeld, G. H. F., & Brown, G. T. L. (2009). Students’ Conceptions of Assessment: Factorial and Structural Invariance of the SCoA Across Sex, Age and Ethnicity. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 25(1), 30-38. [DOI] 

Hirschfeld, G., Jansma, B., Bölte, J., & Zwitserlood, P. (2008) Interference and Facilitation in Overt Speech Production Investigated with ERPs. NEUROREPORT, 19, 1227-1230. [PubMed] 

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Brown, G. T. L., & Hirschfeld, G. H. F. (2007). Students' conceptions of assessment and mathematics: Selfregulation raises achievement. Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 7, 63-74. [Publisher]


*1982 in Köln, Germany
2001-2007 Studies in Psychology, University of Münster
2007 Diploma Thesis, Institute of Psychology, University of Münster, "Knowing that you don't know. The Role of Epistemological Beliefs in Monitoring One's Own Knowledge" [Wer weiß schon, dass er nichts weiß? Die Rolle von epistemologischen Überzeugungen für das Monitoring des eigenen Wissens] (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. Bromme)
2007-2010 Research assistant, Validating students’ evaluation of teaching
2008 Beginning of PhD research project, Institute of Psychology, OCC, University of Münster
2010 PhD
2010-present Post-doctoral researcher, Boris Zernikow, Vodafone Foundation Institute for Children's Pain Therapy and Paediatric Palliative Care