Dr. Evangelos Paraskevopoulos

Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis
Malmedyweg 15
D-48149 MünsterEvangelos-paraskevopoulos

Phone: +49 (0) 251/83 57957

E-mail: paraskev@uni-muenster.de

PhD in 2013

Research Project

Effects of musical training on perception and processing in the auditory cortex

During the last years music has increasingly been used as a tool for the investigation of human cognition and its underlying brain mechanisms. Music relates to many brain functions like perception, action, cognition, emotion, learning and memory and therefore music is an ideal tool to investigate how the human brain is working and how different brain functions interact.
This project aims at investigating short- and long-term effects of musical training on neuronal processing in human auditory cortex, targeting in particular higher-order processing of complex tone sequences. Specifically, a series of experiments are being conducted using magnetoencephalography (MEG) to measure the neurophysiological responses to oddball paradigms related with uni- and multisensory processing of music. Higher cognitive processes like mental imagery and statistical learning are being studied with musical material. Musical material is especially suited to study such processes as musical tones do not carry any meaning and thus confounding effects of strategies based on previous associations or meanings as with words, letters or environmental sounds are less likely

PhD Committee

Prof. Dr. C. Pantev (Supervisor)
Prof. Dr. M. Lappe
Prof. Dr. P. Zwitserlood


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