Research Areas

  • Animal models of autoimmune inflammation
  • ion channels in inflammation and degeneration
  • neuroimmune interaction
  • Immunology: T cell culturing, ELISA, Western blotting, PCR, Immunocytochemistry, histopathology, animal models of multiple sclerosis
  • Neurobiology: patch-clamping, neuronal cell culturing, computational modelling

Selected Publications

Bittner, S., Ruck, T., Schuhmann, M. K., Herrmann, A. M., Moha ou Maati, H., Bobak, N., Gobel, K., Langhauser, F., Stegner, D., Ehling, P., Borsotto, M., Pape, H. C., Nieswandt, B., Kleinschnitz, C., Heurteaux, C., Galla, H. J., Budde, T., Wiendl, H. & Meuth, S. G. 2013. Endothelial TWIK-related potassium channel-1 (TREK1) regulates immune-cell trafficking into the CNS. Nat Med, 11.51, 19, 1161-1165.

Gobel, K., Pankratz, S., Asaridou, C. M., Herrmann, A. M., Bittner, S., Merker, M., Ruck, T., Glumm, S., Langhauser, F., Kraft, P., Krug, T. F., Breuer, J., Herold, M., Gross, C. C., Beckmann, D., Korb-Pap, A., Schuhmann, M. K., Kuerten, S., Mitroulis, I., Ruppert, C., Nolte, M. W., Panousis, C., Klotz, L., Kehrel, B., Korn, T., Langer, H. F., Pap, T., Nieswandt, B., Wiendl, H., Chavakis, T., Kleinschnitz, C. & Meuth, S. G. 2016. Blood coagulation factor XII drives adaptive immunity during neuroinflammation via CD87-mediated modulation of dendritic cells. Nat Commun, 11.329, 7, 11626.

Kleinschnitz, C., Kraft, P., Dreykluft, A., Hagedorn, I., Gobel, K., Schuhmann, M. K., Langhauser, F., Helluy, X., Schwarz, T., Bittner, S., Mayer, C. T., Brede, M., Varallyay, C., Pham, M., Bendszus, M., Jakob, P., Magnus, T., Meuth, S. G., Iwakura, Y., Zernecke, A., Sparwasser, T., Nieswandt, B., Stoll, G. & Wiendl, H. 2013. Regulatory T cells are strong promoters of acute ischemic stroke in mice by inducing dysfunction of the cerebral microvasculature. Blood, 9.775, 121, 679-691.

Meuth, S. G., Budde, T., Kanyshkova, T., Broicher, T., Munsch, T. & Pape, H. C. 2003. Contribution of TWIK-related acid-sensitive K+ channel 1 (TASK1) and TASK3 channels to the control of activity modes in thalamocortical neurons. J Neurosci, 8.22, 23, 6460-6469.

Meuth, S. G., Gobel, K., Kanyshkova, T., Ehling, P., Ritter, M. A., Schwindt, W., Bielaszewska, M., Lebiedz, P., Coulon, P., Herrmann, A. M., Storck, W., Kohmann, D., Muthing, J., Pavenstadt, H., Kuhlmann, T., Karch, H., Peters, G., Budde, T., Wiendl, H. & Pape, H. C. 2013. Thalamic involvement in patients with neurologic impairment due to Shiga toxin 2. Ann Neurol, 11.91, 73, 419-429.

Academic CV

1997–2004 Medicine, University of Magdeburg, Germany
2000–2004 Neurobiology, University of Magdeburg, Germany
10/2004 Medical doctor examination
04/2005 Dr. med. Degree. Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Budde
03/2007    Dr. rer. nat. Degree. Supervisor: Prof. Hans-Christian Pape
2004–2009 Assistant physician and scientific assistant, Department of Neurology, University of Würzburg, Germany (Prof. Dr. K. V. Toyka / Prof. Dr. H. Wiendl)
2009–2010 Assistant physician, Clinic of Psychiatry, Bezirkskrankenhaus Unterfranken, Lohr am Main, Germany (Prof. Dr. G. Jungkunz)
2009–2010 Visiting scientist, Department of Neurology, University of Würzburg (Prof. Dr. H. Wiendl)
2010-2013 Senior physician, Department of Neurology, University Hospital Münster, Germany (Prof. Dr. H. Wiendl)
Since 08/2010 W3 Professor, Department of Neurology – Inflammatory disorders of the nervous system and neurooncology (Prof. Heinz Wiendl) and Institute of Physiology – Neuropathophysiology (Prof. Hans-Christian Pape), Wilhelms-University Münster, Germany
2011 Recognition as medical specialist for Neurology (Medical chamber Westfalen-Lippe)

Since 04/2013

Vice-chair, Department of Neurology, University Hospital, Münster, Germany (Prof. Dr. H. Wiendl)
Since 03/2016 Director, Institute of Translational Neurology, University Hospital Münster, Germany
Since 2016 Spokesperson Clinician Scientist-Program, excellence cluster “Cells in Motion – CiM”
Since 01/2017 Vice Dean for research / Deputy Dean, Faculty of medicine Münster, Germany

Honours and Special Recognitions

2005 Dissertation award, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany (Karin-Witte Foundation)
2005 Klaus-Felgenhauer Foundation – Young-Talent-Award
2009 Helmut Bauer Young-Talent-Award for Multiple sclerosis research, Göttingen, Germany
2010 Oppenheim Young-Talent-Award for Multiple sclerosis research
2010 Sobek Young-Talent-Award for Multiple sclerosis research
2012 Award granted by Maria Möller Foundation, Oncology
2013 PRO-SCIENTIA-Award granted by Eckhart-Buddecke-Association
2014 Heinrich Pette-Award granted by the German association for Neurology