Research Areas

  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sentence and discourse processing from a cross-linguistic perspective
  • Language processing in native and non-native speakers
  • First and (child and adult) second language acquisition

Selected Publications

Schimke S, Colonna S. 2016. ‘Native and non-native interpretation of pronominal forms: Evidence from French and Turkish.’ Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 38,1: 131-162. doi: 10.1017/S0272263115000303.

Colonna S, Schimke S, Hemforth B. 2015. ‘Different effects of focus in intra- and intersentential pronoun resolution in German.’ Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 30, Nr. 10: 1306-1325. doi: 10.1080/23273798.2015.1066510.

Pan H-Y, Schimke S, Felser C. 2015. ‘Referential context effects in non-native relative clause ambiguity resolution.’ International Journal of Bilingualism 19, Nr. 3: 298-313. doi: 10.1177/1367006913515769.

Järvikivi J, Pyykkönen-Klauck P, Schimke S, Colonna S, Hemforth B. 2014. ‘Information structure cues for 4-year-olds and adults: Tracking eye movements to visually presented anaphoric referents.’ Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 29(7): 877-892.

Schimke S. 2011. ‘Variable verb placement in L2 German and French: Evidence from elicited production and elicited imitation of finite and nonfinite negated sentences.’ Applied Psycholinguistics 32(4): 635-685. doi: 10.1017/S0142716411000014.

Academic CV


2004 Magister in Romance Philology (Major), Psychology and Computational Linguistics (Minors) at the University of Freiburg
2005 Diploma in Psychology at the University of Freiburg
2009 PhD at the MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen and Radboud University, Nijmegen. Title: The acquisition of finiteness in Turkish learners of German and Turkish learners of French.

Academic Career

2009-2010 Postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratoire Structures Formelles du Language, University of Paris 8 & CNRS
2011-2014 Academic Assistant at the Institute of German Studies, University of Osnabrück
Since 2014 Junior Professor of empirical second language acquisition research at the Institute of German Studies, University of Münster