Research Areas

Our research group is mainly focused on fundamental research. Its main ambition is to improve the understanding of the causes and consequences of mammalian behaviour. There are three focuses of research:
(1) stress, stress avoidance and welfare;
(2) evolution and development of social behaviour, with special emphasis on the prenatal phase and adolescence;
(3) the role of gene/environment interactions in the control of emotional, cognitive, and social behaviour.
Furthermore we are interested in the interdisciplinary discourse with the humanities and the social sciences


Selected Publications

Freund, J; Brandmaier, AM; Lewejohann, L; Kirste, I; Kritzler, M; Krüger, A; Sachser, N; Lindenberger, U; Kempermann, G (2013): Emergence of individuality in genetically identical mice. Science 340: 756-9.

Sachser, N; Hennessy, MB; Kaiser, S (2011): Adaptive modulation of behavioural profiles by social stress during early phases of life and adolescence. Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews 35: 1518-33.

Glocker, ML; Langleben, DD; Ruparel, K; Loughead, JW; Valdez, JN; Griffin, MD; Sachser, N; Gur, RC (2009): Baby schema modulates the brain reward system in nulliparous women. Proceedings of the National Academie of Sciences of the USA. 106:9115-9.

Hennessy, MB; Kaiser, S; Sachser, N (2009): Social buffering of the stress response: diversity, mechanisms, and functions. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 30(4): 470-82.

Carter CS; Ahnert L; Grossmann K; Hrdy SB; Lamb ME; Porges SW; Sachser N (eds). (2005) Attachment and Bonding: A New Synthesis. MIT Press, Cambridge.

Academic CV

1974-1984 Studies in Biology, Chemistry, and Social Sciences, Bielefeld University
1984 Dr. rer. nat. (Zoology, Behavioural Biology), Bielefeld University
1985-1987 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. Animal Physiology, Bayreuth University
1987-1994 Assistant Professor, Dept. Animal Physiology, Bayreuth University
1992 Habilitation (Zoology), Bayreuth University
since 1994 Professor of Zoology (Behavioural Biology), Münster University

Honours and Special Recognitions

1980-1982 Doctoral fellowship by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
1988-1996 German delegate of the International Ethological Council
1994-1999 Member of the advisory board German Zoological Society
since 1997 Editorial board: Physiology & Behavior
since 1997 Editorial board: Hormones & Behavior
1997-1999 Vice-president of the Ethologische Gesellschaft
1997-1999 President of the Ethologische Gesellschaft
2002 Organisation of the First European Conference on Behavioural Biology / Foundation of a new biannual conference tradition in Europe
2003 Call for a professorship at Hamburg University: Chair in Behavioural Ecology / Declined
2004 Vice-dean of the Faculty of Biology
2005-2008 Dean of the Faculty of Biology
since 2008 Member of the scientific advisory board of the University of Münster
since 2012 Honorary member of the Ethological Society